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Mobile devices have become an integral part of our business and personal life. They are used not only for reading news, checking email inbox or texting friends or partners, but they now serve as a tool to connect you with all interaction points of your business. You may control your company’s performance, your employees’ efficiency, make deals and perform banking transactions, control your car fleet or even control the security of your private residences. In this light, mobile applications development has grown from a narrow niche area into a huge industry worth dozens and even hundreds of billions.

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Why chose Digis as your mobile
development partner

True passion for
developing mobile apps

Being established, run and occupied by young talented software development professionals, Digis takes mobile development as a force for the progress and evolution and has always tried to be on the front line.

We are a mobile applications development company focused on providing our clients with the best possible products fully compliant with their cost, time, and performance requirements and expectations.

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Highly skilled

What distinguishes us among other mobile development companies is our most valuable resource – our people. They all are with bright eyes getting even brighter when facing with tricky and complex challenges of mobile apps development. They all are talented and have solid knowledge and experience in their areas of expertise. The combined experience of our staff in mobile software development is over 200 years, thus guaranteeing that our clients will get a relevant level of skills and expertise backed up with a true passion for what we do.

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We are experts in cross-platform mobile development and build both native and hybrid mobile applications that seamlessly integrate into an appropriate platform environment. In the course of cross-platform mobile app development, we are targeted to ensure that our apps have the most user-friendly interface to provide our clients with the unprecedented user experience.

Want to outsource your Android or iOS mobile app development? No problem! We have teams dedicated specifically to developing applications for specific operating systems. They use the most recent and most polished SDKs and technologies to produce a perfect product that will fit the client’s needs and increase the client’s business performance.

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Exhaustive coverage

We also have dedicated teams to cover all possible areas of your mobile application destination:

  • Healthcare
  • Social Networks
  • Enterprise Apps
  • Heavy Industries
  • Education and Training
  • Lifestyle, and
  • Entertainment

Each of our teams employs an expert in the respective area thus we are free of any misunderstandings of the domain’s process flow.

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    A highly personalized mobile solution offering individual treatment plans for high-risk patients

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    What was done by DIGIS:

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    Developed Back-end portion of the System and its mobile application following the Client’s requirements and expectations

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    Used simple but very flexible and functional architecture approach to meet the Client’s requirements and ensure superb user experience and performance

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    Added integration with Google Fit, Apple Healthkit, and Fitbit to make the system truly universal and cross-platform

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    Enhanced the System with push notification feature in order to keep the end users posted on their progress

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    Injected data encryption across the whole system to ensure all user data is safe and secured