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200 + qualified specialist worldwide
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300+ projects delivered
8 years in business
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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

7/9 clients are ready to recommend us

Our reputation for excellence is confirmed by 7 out of 9 clients willing to refer Digis, showcasing our standing as a trusted partner in web development, according to Clutch.

top 3,5% of developers

Our detailed selection process ensures that we only work with the most skilled and experienced professionals in the industry. Choose Digis and get reliable specialists on your side.

7 different industries' expertise

Having honed our skills across seven different industries, we bring a wealth of cross-industry knowledge to innovate and optimize solutions for your specific needs.

High Satisfaction Rates

Achieve your project goals with Digis. A remarkable 98% of our clients express satisfaction with the candidates we provide.

Global Coverage Across Time Zones

We operate across six time zones, allowing us to work during your business hours and ensure seamless communication. With Digis, you get a team that works in sync with your schedule.

Rapid Team Expansion

Join the 35% of our clients who have seamlessly scaled their teams with additional specialists from Digis within just three months of engagement.


Ongoing Project Scope Creep

No more never-ending project extensions & delays. Put an end to never-ending project extensions and delays caused by ongoing project scope creep.

Rising Costs

No more cost increases due to unclear goals and requirements! Eliminate cost increases resulting from unclear goals and requirements, putting an end to rising costs.

Missed Deadlines

No more delayed milestones and completion dates due to blurry project boundaries. Avoid missed deadlines caused by ambiguous project boundaries, ensuring timely completion of milestones and project delivery.

Mismatching Project Outcome

Prevent instances where the project fails to meet your expectations due to initial stage misunderstandings, ensuring a better alignment between project outcomes and your desired results.



Business Analyst

Prepares Use Cases and Project Requirements, identifies main Project’s goals and users and defines how they will use the Product.

Solution Architect

Researches the future Product and identifies Technologies and Solutions to be used to meet Client’s needs.

Project Manager

Schedules/Arranges Client Meetings, keeps logs of all discussions, ensures proper & productive liaison between the Discovery Team and Development Team.

UI/UX Designer

Creates user experience in line with the Project’s goals, crafts wireframes & prototypes to visualize the future Product.


Our Discovery Phase is Step #1 of a Project Development Flow targeted
to identify the Project’s vision, goals, and scope.
How long does it last? 2 – 4 weeks, as it is absolutely enough.

Result Doesn’t Meet Expectations:

Result Meets Expectations:


Stage 1

Digis & Client sign an Agreement.
The agreement outlines the terms, conditions, and expectations of the business relationship between the company and the client.

Stage 2

Digis performs Discovery Phase.
During the Discovery Phase, the company aims to gain an understanding of the project’s requirements, goals, and constraints.

Stage 3

Digis develops the Client’s Product.
During the development phase, the Digis team of professionals collaborates to bring the client’s vision to life.

Stage 4

The Product is done, the Budget is met.
All the required functionalities and specifications have been implemented and tested to meet the client’s requirements.

Uncertain About Your Project’s Direction?

Start the Discovery Phase with us to clarify your project’s path, ensuring smooth development and a successful launch.

discovery phase services

Product Concept Brief Description

A concise description that outlines the core idea, functionality, and unique selling proposition of your product.

Target Audience and Personas, Use Cases

Identify key user personas and their use cases to understand user needs and behaviors.

Identification of MVP Features

We are defining the essential features for the minimum viable product (MVP) to validate the product concept in the market.

Feature Breakdown

Detailed analysis of each feature to identify its functionalities, dependencies, and implications on the overall product.

Estimation of Budget and Timeline

A template providing a rough estimate of the budget and timeline required for the project.

Project Discovery Presentation

A comprehensive presentation detailing the discovery phase outcomes, research findings, and recommendations.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation Plan

Identification and analysis of potential risks, along with strategies to mitigate them.

Recommendation on Technologies and APIs

Professional advice on the best technologies and APIs to use, based on the project’s requirements and trends in the industry.

Wireframe Concept (2-3 Screens)

Basic visual guide representing the skeletal framework of the product.

Communication with a Business Analyst/Project Manager

Regular interaction with a project manager or business analyst to ensure smooth project execution.

Additional Services

Branding Concept

Creation of a unique brand identity including three versions of logo design, color scheme, and font selection.

Wireframes (Functional Sketches) Clickable Prototype

Interactive prototype allowing you to experience the basic functions of your product.

Competitor Analysis

In-depth review of your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses to identify opportunities for differentiation.

User Stories

Detailed narratives describing how different users will interact with the product, providing insights into user expectations and needs.


Cooperate with competent and knowledgeable IT experts in web and mobile software development.

Our Discovery Phase in Action

Explore a detailed example of how we approached the Discovery Phase for a theoretical project. Witness our strategies, analysis, and planning in action.


Here are testimonials from our valued clients that highlight our unparalleled expertise:
1 /5

They’re committed and have the ability to scale up in order to deliver fast.

The partner is happy with the high-quality deliverables. Digis is a true partner and shows dedication to being invested in the success of the project. They go the extra mile, working after hours and on weekends to exceed expectations. Communication is a hallmark of their work.

Stephanie Gosset
Electric Scooter Mobility Solution
our contribution:
  • ZEWAY has deployed more than 1,200 scooters in Paris and its suburbs on a network of 50 exchange stations (soon to be 80), with a fleet of 2,000 batteries, totaling a volume of more than 200,000 exchanges (+1,000 exchanges/day to date).

  • Generated nearly €1 million in turnover in 2022.

  • Over the past year, the ZEWAY has expanded to two new cities (Nice and Bordeaux), adding 22 more exchange stations to its network.

  • ZEWAY closed fundraising of €27 million at the beginning of 2023 to spread its model in all major cities in France and Europe.

  • ZEWAY's crowdfunding campaign with LITA.co has just exceeded €1M with nearly 400 investors.

  • ZEWAY tripled its size in 3 years.
  • tech stack:
    React JS

    Digis’ work and infrastructure are fantastic.

    Digis has met the client’s requirements and developed an app according to their needs. The app has been downloaded 15,000 times and has an average of 2,200 daily visitors. Digis meets deadlines and stays on budget. Their team works quickly and is responsive through WhatsApp, Confluence, and Jira.

    Ian deQueiroz
    CEO at SENDY
    Adventure Sports Equipment Marketplace
    United States
    our contribution:
  • In its first year of operation, SENDY's user base grew by 341%, and app downloads increased by about 436%

  • The website's popularity soared, attracting 100,000 visits with an average of 2,200 daily visitors.

  • SENDY achieved a Gross Merchandise Value of $700,000, with an average item price of $600 and over 1,150 items listed.

  • Our innovative approach to transaction fee strategy allows SENDY to significantly reduce costs associated with approximately 10% of failed orders, ensuring a more efficient and cost-effective payment process for our users.
  • tech stack:
    React JS
    React Native

    Within a couple of months we could see that our backlog was reduced, and our time to deliver projects was reduced.

    The team successfully reduced the backlog and time to deliver projects. Now, the vendor handles large projects and speaks with external stakeholders on their own. Digis is a reliable group with an effective, communicative workflow.

    Kineret Kimhi
    Data Engineering Manager at BlaBlaCar
    Long Distance Carpooling Platform
    our contribution:
  • Our team focused on connecting dozens of bus providers via the implementation of an adaptor which can receive data from various bus providers' APIs which have no standardized format.

  • We developed a "communication system" - emails, SMS, push notifications.

  • Our team added a few new sources to the Data Warehouse.
  • tech stack:

    The team has been innovative and reliable. Their experience and professionalism were admirable.

    Digis built a simple platform that customers had been excited to use. They have also shown professionalism and admirable experience. Additionally, their great communication skills and highly regarded engineers helped a lot in the success of the project.

    John Wright
    Chief Technology Officer at Connectbase
    Industry Platform for Connectivity
    United States
    our contribution:
  • By introducing a Rules Module, we've systematized data and automated workflows.

  • Our team has developed a Network Module for better provider selection and implemented a real-time Pricing API for data integration.

  • Also, upgraded the system to Angular, improving navigation, simplifying processes, and enhancing performance.
  • tech stack:
    Node JS

    Digis has been a reliable and high-quality partner for many years for our company.

    Internal stakeholders are satisfied as the results were delivered on-time and on-budget. The vendor’s team consists of exceptionally skilled software developers.

    Omar Khawaja
    Director of Product Management at ZenduIT
    Fleet and Asset Tracking Solutions
    our contribution:
  • By creating a common platform, we've united all 28 products of the company in one place.

  • Our team created applications for tracking aircraft positions at Dubai airport.
  • tech stack:
    Node JS

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