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App development for fintech

fintech solutions

Evolution of our lifestyle – it has been heading to tech-savviness and digitalization – dictates how all industries behave, even such conservative as the financial sector. Banking, Insurance, Investments are now forced to use more technologies and software to become closer to their customers. Being committed to bringing the innovations to everyday life and having clients’ satisfaction as one of our mission statements, DIGIS is proficient in the development of high-quality FinTech software for our clients.

what we offer

Development of both frontend and backend of your FinTech solution in compliance with the newest and most reliable financial technologies

Coverage of all operating systems and platforms, i.e. we craft cross-platform solutions if required: no need to choose which device or operating systems to use

Superior User Experience guaranteed by a classy user interface developed to meet all design and user requirements

Absolute security and transparency, as we understand that money loves being safe and secure

Flexible approach to the solution architecture to be ready for future growth and development

Unprecedented integration capabilities to be able to make all your business tools – CRM, ERP etc. – interconnected

Extremely experienced and skilled IT engineering talents fallen in love with the software development and ready to fight any challenges and solve any tasks

World-level QA policies and procedures to find even the minor errors or bugs and make sure the solution works just as the client wants it to

Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to make your solutions smarter and cost- and resource-effective

what we develop

Payment processing software

We bring automation to life and supplement our software with it. Thanking such approach, your solution will host a completely automated process to handle all your payment transactions.

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Online payment solutions

By integrating the newest Web approaches and using the latest Web technologies, we will take your business from shadows to light, i.e. make it online.

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Software for banks

We also want to help individuals earn profits doing what they used to do free of charge. Airbnb is a good example of how the industry develops. We build SaaS and social networks connecting private homeowners willing to share their homes with travelers who are in need of accommodation while on business trips or during vacation travels. We believe that housing and accommodation software is key to making our life easier in this industry.

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CRM and ERP systems

We understand how important it is to keep good relations with customers while not losing business efficiency. Our CRM and ERP systems will make you feel confident in your operations and business indicators and will provide you with a handful of tools to meter your business efficiency and manage relations both with your staff and with customers.

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Miscellaneous fintech software

We believe that we are good at developing almost all types of fintech software solutions such as securities management applications, insurance software, investments control tools etc.

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what you get if order fintech solutions from us

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Wider choice of financial products

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Faster and more convenient access to your data

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More personalized products

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Deep assessment of your business KPIs

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Better leverage of your business essentials