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We take pride in being an AWS Partner, a testament to our profound expertise in DevOps and Cloud solutions. Our partnership underscores our commitment to delivering top-tier services, leveraging the best of AWS capabilities to benefit our clients.

Our cloud technology stack

Cloud Platforms & Tools

Back-End Technologies

Databases & Storage Solutions

Cloud Platforms & Tools

Back-End Technologies

Databases & Storage Solutions

Google Cloud Platform
Microsoft Azure

Our Cloud & DevOps Services

Staff Augmentation for Cloud & DevOps

Cloud Migration & Strategy

DevOps Consulting & Implementation

Cloud Security & Compliance

Infrastructure Automation & Management

Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

Extend your in-house team with our Cloud and DevOps specialists, ensuring you have the right expertise on board for your projects.

Providing temporary expertise for specific projects;
Scaling teams based on project requirements;
Offering specialized skills in Cloud architecture and DevOps methodologies.
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We assist businesses in transitioning to the cloud, ensuring a smooth migration process and developing a strategic approach tailored to your specific needs.

Transitioning legacy systems to cloud platforms;
Crafting a cloud-first strategy for startups and enterprises;
Evaluating the best cloud service providers for specific business needs.

Our DevOps experts provide guidance on best practices, tools, and methodologies to accelerate software delivery and improve operational efficiency.

Streamlining CI/CD pipelines;
Implementing infrastructure as code;
Enhancing collaboration between development and operations teams.

We prioritize the security of your cloud infrastructure, ensuring data protection, compliance, and mitigating potential risks.

Implementing robust security protocols;
Ensuring GDPR, HIPAA, and other compliance standards;
Regular security audits and vulnerability assessments.

We automate infrastructure deployment and management processes, ensuring scalability, resilience, and efficient resource utilization.

Automating infrastructure provisioning and scaling;
Monitoring and managing cloud resources;
Implementing auto-scaling and load balancing solutions.

Our team sets up and manages CI/CD pipelines, ensuring rapid, reliable, and consistent software delivery.

Automating code integration and deployment processes;
Ensuring code quality and rapid feedback loops;
Facilitating frequent and reliable releases.

Why Choose Us

7/9 clients are ready to recommend us

Our reputation for excellence is confirmed by 7 out of 9 clients willing to refer Digis, showcasing our standing as a trusted partner in web development, according to Clutch.

top 3.5% of specialists

Our detailed selection process ensures that we only work with the most skilled and experienced professionals in the industry. Choose Digis and get reliable specialists on your side.

7 different industries' expertise

Having honed our skills across seven different industries, we bring a wealth of cross-industry knowledge to innovate and optimize solutions for your specific needs.

High Satisfaction Rates

Achieve your project goals with Digis. A remarkable 98% of our clients express satisfaction with the candidates we provide.

Global Coverage Across Time Zones

We operate across six time zones, allowing us to work during your business hours and ensure seamless communication. With Digis, you get a team that works in sync with your schedule.

Rapid Team Expansion

Join the 35% of our clients who have seamlessly scaled their teams with additional specialists from Digis within just three months of engagement.

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Explore projects brought to life by our technical specialists, turning visionary ideas into tangible solutions.

Unsure About DevOps or Cloud Transition?

Still contemplating the need for our DevOps services or hesitant about transitioning to the Cloud? Let’s discuss how we can assist and streamline your journey.


Scalability & Flexibility

Cloud development allows businesses to easily scale up or down based on their operational needs, ensuring optimal resource utilization without incurring unnecessary costs.


With cloud development, businesses can avoid the high costs of purchasing and maintaining hardware. You pay only for the resources you use, leading to significant cost savings.

Enhanced Collaboration

Cloud platforms facilitate real-time collaboration among teams, regardless of their geographical location, leading to improved productivity and faster decision-making.

High Availability & Disaster Recovery

Cloud services often come with built-in redundancy and backup solutions, ensuring that applications remain available and data is safe, even in the event of hardware failures or other disasters.

Security & Compliance

Leading cloud providers invest heavily in security, offering robust measures like encryption, multifactor authentication, and compliance certifications, ensuring data protection and regulatory adherence.

Rapid Deployment & Time-to-Market

Cloud development platforms offer pre-built tools and frameworks that expedite the development process, enabling businesses to launch their applications faster and respond quickly to market changes.


They’re committed and have the ability to scale up in order to deliver fast.

Stephanie Gosset

Within a couple of months we could see that our backlog was reduced, and our time to deliver projects was reduced.

Kineret Kimhi
Data Engineering Manager at BlaBlaCar

We have a dedicated project manager from Digis who takes our relationship very seriously.

Eleonora Ludin
Director of Engineering at Hubspot

Digis has been a reliable and high-quality partner for many years for our company.

Omar Khawaja
Director of Product Management at ZenduIT

They have skilled and committed development staff.

Arthur Darde
CTO at Otoqi

Priorities of each task were delivered with a strong balance between business and development goals.

William Chu
Founder & CEO at Picup Media

I desperately needed quality developers that would stick with me, and I’m certain Digis will do just that.

Rasim Aliyev
Co-founder and CEO at Raters


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