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Top Rated Plus highlights agencies of Upwork who consistently perform on large contracts at the highest level. They stand out by delivering premium quality on high-budget or long-term jobs. DIGIS has 100% Job Succes Rate as of October 2020.
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DIGIS' mission is to raise unicorns from startups
Guide on hiring an effective outsource team for an IT startup

How to control the team scattered around the globe?

How to establish trust between co-workers if they can’t communicate face to face?

How to spot the potential deceivers, and outsource the top talent for the position?

Our new mission is to raise unicorns from startups. And we want to help not only our clients but as many perspective startups as possible. So our CEO chose to write the guide and offer it for free. With over 400 projects and 6 years of practical experience under his belt, he knows the secret for success.

smile-1 Progressive Web Apps

Reliable, fast and engaging solutions to make the customers digitally present on all platforms

smile-2 Cloud And Serverless Solutions

Powerful software to let customers cut their costs on server equipment purchase/lease

smile-3 Single Page Applications

Simple but functional solutions to help customers get all features of standard websites but avoid their pain points

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smile-4 AR-Enabled Apps

Innovative software to provide customer’s users with enhanced real-world experience

smile-5 Hybrid Mobile Apps

Natively looking software to help customers save on development and have 100% native user-friendliness and functionality

smile-6 GPS And Sensor-Enabled Apps

Specialized products to help customers get better control of their critical facilities and infrastructure

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Intelligent Software Engineering
smile-7 AI-Powered Software

Disruptive apps to help customers overcome human factor restraints and easily solve business problems

smile-8 Machine-Learning Solutions

Functional apps to help customers automate boring routines and save on human and other resources

smile-9 IoT Development

Next generation solutions to have the customers’ business fully connected and easily manageable and trackable

  • Social networks
  • News portals and sites
  • Recommendations platforms
  • Content streaming apps
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  • Online banking apps
  • Broker’s solutions
  • Personal finance tracking apps
  • Financial analytics
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  • ERP/CRM for hotels, restaurants, travel agencies
  • Online ticket purchase portals
  • Itinerary routing systems
  • Booking tools
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  • On-demand live video consultation apps
  • Remote medical equipment control systems
  • e-Prescription and e-History solutions
  • Medical billing platforms
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  • CRM systems for chains and shops
  • Logistics and warehouse management
  • Personnel management systems
  • Computerized bookkeeping and reporting
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  • Live video interviewing and remote testing systems
  • Talent management solutions
  • Attendance tracking tools
  • Automated personnel reporting software
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Client success All case studies
BlaBlaCar Screen
BlaBlaCar Global Long-Distance Ride Sharing Platform

Two dedicated development teams helped BlaBlaCar augment their staff, cut their operational costs, and accelerate their business growth, ensuring 100% client satisfaction.

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Connected2fiber Screen Connected2fiber Screen
Connected2fiber Unique Connectivity Intelligence Platform for Network Operators

25% lower labor costs, halved location search duration, doubled support of third-party systems, advanced quote configuration tool, and new GPS mapping features thanks to DIGIS’ outstaffed software developers.

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GemLightBox Screen GemLightBox Screen
GemLightBox App Mobile Jewelry Photography Software

Picup Media found a reliable IT outsourcing partner, obtained studio-like jewelry photos and videos on smartphone cameras, and became the most cited business in its region.

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Roomster Screen Roomster Screen
Roomster World’s Biggest Home Sharing SaaS Solution

Enhanced user security, new UI/UX design, 130% more subscribers and 172% more receipts resulted from new web and mobile apps.

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Parkopoly Screen Parkopoly Screen
Parkopoly New Look on Car Owners’ Convenience and Time Saving

100% cross-platform hybrid solution doubled the client outreach and ensured real-time control and management of the customer’s car fleet thanks to enhanced GPS features.

Read more
Userlytics Screen Userlytics Screen
Userlytics World’s Biggest Home Sharing SaaS Solution

Fresh Android, iOS, and Web apps with preset and custom test scripts 3x the customer’s pool of remote testers, raised clients’ satisfaction, and 2x the customer’s business value.

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Our partners tell about us
Kineret Kimhi Data Engineering Manager at BlaBlaCar
France France
Mar 23, 2020 Clutch
William Chu Founder & CEO at GemLightBox
Australia Australia
Aug 06, 2020 Clutch
Chedli Ben Hassine CEO at Lanslot
France France
Aug 12, 2020 Clutch
Rasim Aliyev Co-Founder and CEO at Raters Group Ltd
Mar 19, 2019 Clutch
Víctor Almaraz Sánchez CTO at Userlytics Corporation
Mar 19, 2019 Clutch
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    Business Solutions
    How to make your software green
    How to make your software green

    Software development is the basis for all solutions that actually help with environmental problems. Take the electric cars and their machine learning-based software. At the same time, the industry has its own negative impact.  Turning your software green is good not only for the environment. It improves your business from raising the efficiency of tech […]

    Customer Satisfaction
    What is User Experience — robot expressing his thought on the issue
    What is User Experience — robot expressing his thought on the issue

    Mr. Uniq is our company’s symbol and one of our writers. Now not only we give him quality articles and books to master his skills, but also share best insights from our day to day practice with him. Mr. Uniq is also learning new writing tools. For example, in this blog post he tries to […]

    Mobile Development
    Why I need custom code if I have no-code
    Why I need custom code if I have no-code

    Sometimes you have no time or money to develop a custom product. Sometimes the expenses are simply not worth it. But sometimes custom development is the only way to quality, safe and appealing software.  From our experience, you don’t have to choose a single way of development. No-code tools are not replacing custom development. It […]

    Business Solutions
    How to determine subscription price for a startup
    How to determine subscription price for a startup

    Subscription price is face of your service. When customers find your product seeking something on the net, what they look at first of all is (any guesses?) price. They don’t consider how amazing your product is, so that they will spend any money. They think about whether the product is worth the subscription price and […]

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