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Digis — software development
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We will grab your business and make it computer-, web-, or, generally, IT-enabled:
We build Software from scratch. Our top augmented teams enhance
your in-house developers and boost your performance.

Who we are

DIGIS is a highly skilled outsourcing partner with the Headquarters in Cyprus and Research & Development Office in Ukraine. We are committed to the principle Customer’s Satisfaction is Our Success and we take all the measures to leave our customers happy and satisfied. We do the whole Software Development Cycle, from software requirements collection and up to post-release performance optimization and solution maintenance. DIGIS is focused on helping businesses bring innovations to real life and get the deserved piece of the market pie. Briefly, DIGIS is a big family of like-minded professionals who wish to and actually do make the businesses more efficient.


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Empower Screen


Empower asked DIGIS to develop a dedicated CRM system for public and private healthcare providers. We created a unique system that connects healthcare providers with the patients and their families, and combines scheduling, notification, logging, and reporting tools under the single roofing.

Kandio Screen


The Customer requested us to develop a job-posting platform that would drive the market. DIGIS built an AI-enabled solution that merges job posting with social networking capabilities. We incorporated well-though algorithms, which provide for automation of the job marketing campaigns in social networks and reduction of human efforts and resulting errors.

CRMTronic Screen

CRM Tronic

Having obtained the Customer’s request to enhance a skeleton CRM system with Artificial Intelligence, DIGIS managed to successfully integrate AI into CRM processes and achieve 100% compatibility with all common browsers, thus making it truly cross-platform cloud solution for every possible industry and niche.

Roomster Screen


Initially contracted for improving and bug fixing of Roomster’s legacy application, DIGIS managed to not only rework the solutions and add new features and design to their Web and mobile versions, but also to develop new workflows and approaches to the platform functionality and to enhance its optimization and performance.

Kartunix Screen


Kartunix came to DIGIS with a request to build a functional web-portal for creating custom user avatars to be used for any purpose. We successfully merged the web-portal design, graphic engine, and custom-made avatars into a single, fully operational web solution that allows not only to create custom avatars but also export them to any external solutions and applications.

Study Abroad Screen

Study Abroad

The Customer wanted to have a platform for students seeking to study in foreign countries and for educational institutions looking for talented students. DIGIS implemented a solution that hosts superior curriculum search functionality, and allows both students and universities/colleges find each other in an easy and pleasant manner.

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Our offices

Locations for DIGIS offices have been thoroughly selected to ensure the company's presence at the Western Europe's distribution markets (DIGIS UK Office), easy access to highly qualified and affordable local software engineers (DIGIS Ukraine Office in Odessa and DIGIS Latvia Office in Daugavpils, both to serve as R&D Centers), and exposure to the world's most clear and uncomplicated laws and taxes combined with the close proximity to all European countries (DIGIS Cyprus Office). All four offices are designed and equipped so as to provide our most valuable asset - our people - with the highest level of comfort, functionality, and positive emotions!

Kendal, UK

Daugavpils, Latvia

Larnaca, Cyprus

Odesa, Ukraine