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We specialize in designing interactive applications that redefine the learning experience, promote business growth online, and offer a viable approach to education.

30+ successful tech projects in Education industry
40+ tech experts in the Education industry
8 years in business
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Why Digis is the Best Fit for Your Education software development

24-Hour Access to tech experts in the Education industry

Secure your first candidate for your Education software development project within just 24 hours. Within just 24 hours, you’ll receive the CV of your first candidate, allowing you to start the interview process without delay.

Top 3.5% of tech experts in the Education industry

Work with the best 3.5% of IT professionals specializing in the Education industry. Our detailed selection process ensures that we only work with the most skilled and experienced professionals in the industry.

Proprietary Technology for Efficiency

Leverage our patented ‘Smart Outsourcing Automation Paradigm’, a technology that automates key processes for project management, talent acquisition, and retention, leading to enhanced performance.

Guaranteed Project Continuity

Enjoy uninterrupted progress with our significantly lower-than-industry average turnover rate.

Global Coverage Across Time Zones

Get the tech experts in the Education industry you need, no matter what your time zone is. With Digis you get a team that works in sync with your schedule.

Risk-free Trial Period

Ensure the perfect fit for your Education software development project with a 2-week trial period. With our 2-week trial period, you can take the time to ensure that the specialist you choose is the right one for your needs.

Education Software Development Services We Provide

Staff Augmentation for Education IT Products

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Student Assessment Tools

Adaptive Learning Platforms

Student Information Systems

E-Learning App Development

Extend your team’s capabilities with Digis tech experts in the Education industry. Add the required expertise to drive your educational projects forward.

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Enhance your learning process with a customized Learning Management System (LMS).

We assist in creating solutions for:

content delivery;
progress tracking;
interaction among learners.

Facilitate objective and efficient student assessments with custom software solutions.

We can help you implement tools for:

various types of assessments;
feedback systems, and;
result analytics.

Make learning more personalized with adaptive learning platforms. We can assist in creating platforms that adapt to each student's learning pace and style, offering a truly personalized learning experience.

Streamline student data management with custom student information systems.

Our solutions cover

student enrollment;
academic records;
various administrative tasks.

Make learning accessible on the go with custom e-learning apps.

We offer development services for:

interactive educational applications;
engaging educational applications.

Tech Stack

Front-End Development

Back-End Development

Mobile App Development

UI/UX Design

Front-End Development

Back-End Development

Mobile App Development

UI/UX Design

Adobe XD


Cooperate with competent and knowledgeable IT experts
in Education industry.

Benefit from Digis' Expertise in
Education Software Development

Business-oriented Customization

By customizing our software development process, we make sure that the end result aligns perfectly with your business objectives and operational demands.

Enhanced Performance and Flexibility

Benefit from seamless performance and heightened flexibility as our solutions adapt and respond to your dynamic learning environments.

Integration of Modern Technologies

We integrate advanced technologies like AR/VR, AI, and blockchain to provide a modern and interactive learning experience.

Excellent Security and Regulatory Compliance

Prioritizing data security, we ensure your Education software conforms to the highest standards of data protection and compliance.

Assured Scalability and Integration

Our focus on scalability and interoperability paves the way for your product’s seamless evolution and cross-platform compatibility, fostering robust future growth.

Reliable Support and Continuous Maintenance

We’re not just providing a solution, we’re becoming a part of your team, offering ongoing support and continuous maintenance to ensure optimal performance at all times.

Product Delivery Roadmap

Discovery & Planning

We begin by understanding your vision, carrying out market research, and planning the product in detail.

Result: A comprehensive project plan and a validated product idea.

Design & Prototyping

We create an engaging UI/UX design and develop a prototype to demonstrate how the product will work.

Result: A functional prototype ready for user feedback.

Product Development & Testing

Our development team builds the product and our QA team ensures it meets the highest quality standards.

Result: MVP go-live.

Launch & Continuous Improvement

We support you throughout the product launch and beyond, implementing enhancements based on user feedback.

Result: A product that evolves with your business needs.

Ready to Enhance your Education software development project?

Discuss your project with us to create better learning experiences.

Whom We Serve

E-learning startups

Empowering startups with our technology services, aiding in their journey from conception to realization.


Delivering cost-effective and scalable IT solutions for SMEs and large corporations, fostering growth and competitiveness.

Educational Institutions

We architect innovative solutions to refine learning processes and broaden education’s accessibility. Our applications aid institutions in student engagement and foster a modern, innovative learning environment.

Professional Training & Coaching Platforms

We design specialized Education software for professional training and coaching platforms. Our solutions are crafted to drive career development, facilitate skill advancement, ensure immediate feedback, and build engaging learning scenarios.


Digis has been a reliable and high-quality partner for many years for our company.

Omar Khawaja
Director of Product Management at ZenduIT

They have skilled and committed development staff.

Arthur Darde
CTO at Otoqi

They’re committed and have the ability to scale up in order to deliver fast.

Stephanie Gosset

I desperately needed quality developers that would stick with me, and I’m certain Digis will do just that.

Rasim Aliyev
Co-founder and CEO at Raters

Their team always suggested improvements and delivered on time.

Roman Raslin
VP of Research and Development at Ongage

Within a couple of months we could see that our backlog was reduced, and our time to deliver projects was reduced.

Kineret Kimhi
Data Engineering Manager at BlaBlaCar

We have a dedicated project manager from Digis who takes our relationship very seriously.

Eleonora Ludin
Director of Engineering at Hubspot

Priorities of each task were delivered with a strong balance between business and development goals.

William Chu
Founder & CEO at Picup Media


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