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From building enterprise-grade web applications with .NET and mobile solutions with Xamarin to leveraging cloud capabilities with Azure, our services are designed to address complex business challenges and drive digital transformation.

20 + qualified .NET specialists worldwide
4.8/5 stars overall review rating based on 60+ reviews
40 + .NET projects delivered
8 years of experience with .NET development

Why Choose Us for Your .NET Development


Within just 24 hours, you’ll receive the CV of your first .NET developer candidate, allowing you to start the interview process without delay. Get the relevant candidates you need to take your business to the next level.

top 3,5% of .NET developers

Our detailed selection process ensures that we only work with the most skilled and experienced professionals in the industry. Choose Digis and get reliable specialists on your side.


Don’t settle for anything less than the perfect fit. With our 2-week trial period, you can take the time to ensure that the .NET specialist you choose is the right one for your needs. We can take this risk when we are talking about our specialists.

High Satisfaction Rates

Achieve your project goals with Digis. A remarkable 98% of our clients express satisfaction with the candidates we provide.

Global Coverage Across Time Zones

We operate across six time zones, allowing us to work during your business hours and ensure seamless communication. With Digis, you get a team that works in sync with your schedule.

Rapid Team Expansion

Join the 35% of our clients who have seamlessly scaled their teams with additional specialists from Digis within just three months of engagement.

Our Services

Staff Augmentation for .NET Projects

Custom .NET Application Development

.NET Cloud Development

.NET Integration Solutions

.NET Maintenance and Support

Expand your team's capabilities with our skilled .NET professionals, enhancing your project's development capacity and expertise.

We Can Help With:

Providing expert .NET developers for short-term or long-term project needs;
Bridging skill gaps in your current team;
Offering flexible and scalable staffing solutions tailored to your project requirements.
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Specializing in bespoke .NET application development, we deliver scalable, secure, and robust solutions tailored to your specific business requirements.

We Can Help With:

Building enterprise-level web and desktop applications;
Integrating advanced functionalities and modern UI/UX designs;
Ensuring high performance and compliance with industry standards.

Utilizing .NET for cloud-based application development, offering scalable, reliable, and accessible solutions.

We Can Help With:

Developing cloud-native applications using .NET;
Migrating .NET applications to cloud platforms like Azure;
Implementing cloud services for enhanced application performance.
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Providing integration services to connect your .NET applications with various third-party services and systems.

We Can Help With:

Integrating APIs, databases, and cloud services;
Ensuring seamless data flow between .NET applications and other systems;
Enhancing application functionality with external services.

Providing ongoing maintenance and support for .NET applications to ensure they remain up-to-date, secure, and efficient.

We Can Help With:

Regular updates and feature enhancements;
Troubleshooting and bug fixing;
Conducting performance audits and refinements.

.NET Tech Stack

.NET Frameworks & Libraries

Cloud Platforms & Tools

Databases & Storage Solutions

.NET Frameworks & Libraries

Cloud Platforms & Tools

Databases & Storage Solutions

.NET Core
Entity Framework
Google Cloud Platform
Microsoft Azure
Azure SQL Database


Empower your .NET Product with the latest tech innovations, ensuring it’s not just functional but revolutionary. Stay ahead, stay relevant, and captivate your audience.

Augmented Reality

Integrate AR features to offer immersive experiences to your users. From virtual try-ons to interactive 3D models, AR can redefine user interactions within your product.

Internet of Things

Connect your product with smart devices and sensors to provide users with real-time data, automation, and enhanced functionalities. IoT integration can open up new avenues for user engagement and utility.


We have a dedicated project manager from Digis who takes our relationship very seriously.

Eleonora Ludin
Director of Engineering at Hubspot

The team has been innovative and reliable. Their experience and professionalism were admirable.

John Wright
Chief Technology Officer at Connectbase

The overall quality of the candidates they provide has been very good.

David Vins
CTO at Omedym

Digis has been reliable throughout the development process.

Iryna Nerozna
COO at Noty.ai

Their team always suggested improvements and delivered on time.

Roman Raslin
VP of Research and Development at Ongage

They have skilled and committed development staff.

Arthur Darde
CTO at Otoqi

Within a couple of months we could see that our backlog was reduced, and our time to deliver projects was reduced.

Kineret Kimhi
Data Engineering Manager at BlaBlaCar

It is clear that they very carefully vet the people they hire.

Gina Levy
CEO at Kinlia

Digis has been a reliable and high-quality partner for many years for our company.

Omar Khawaja
Director of Product Management at ZenduIT

I desperately needed quality developers that would stick with me, and I’m certain Digis will do just that.

Rasim Aliyev
Co-founder and CEO at Raters

They’re committed and have the ability to scale up in order to deliver fast.

Stephanie Gosset


Discover our successful projects and the business challenges they’ve addressed.


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