Mobility & Transportation, Renewables & Environment.

Our team:

We ensured the client with the full mobile app development process. Our specialists worked on iOS, Android, web app + admin tool, quality assurance, backend and deployment on AWS under supervision of our talented Project manager.

Dev time:

1 year.


About Zeway

A Series
16,3 M US$
3 investors

During our work with Zeway the company has raised their first round.

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what is zeway?

Zeway is a french automotive startup that provides a subscription for electric scooters and aims at solving air pollution and traffic problems in the region. They provide an «all inclusive» offer: personal scooter, unlimited mileage and swaps, insurance and maintenance.

40+ scooters stations
2km to exchange points
50 second for recharge

Client’s challenge

Zeway had a detailed idea and a clear business model. Their founders were looking for a technical partner with experience in french market and with the Mobility and Renewables industry at the same time.

Zeway needed to turn their idea into a working product with the most suitable technologies. So Digis team started working on the mobile application for customers to have seamless access to their vehicles through mobile apps.

Digis has several french success cases so we have earned a good reputation among local startups. Zeway found and chose us based on recommendation.


Digis team took the role of technical partner in the startup so that founders were able to focus on business strategy and product development. With our extensive experience, we can understand clients ideas and turn them into tech solutions.

The whole scooter system is distributed: our team built the software part users interact with and the second part is IoT embedded in scooters developed by german IT team.

One of our goals was to make the app as simple as possible, despite the complex system of smart scooter and the application connecting it with our mobile app. Customers are to use the app on the go, so they should not be overwhelmed with features.

Our specialists also have built a backend software to connect the mobile app and a scooter IoT system. By this, users are able to manage their electric scooters remotely only with their mobile phones.


Mobile application



  • fully functional iOS and Android apps for managing smart scooters;
  • web application for signing rental contract + admin panel employees to deal with client’s data;
  • Zeway raised US$ 16,3 M first round of investment and planning to raise Series B in winter 2021;
  • partnerships with big chain of stores, banks etc. for battery stations placement.

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