Effective start for juniors, project of choice for seniors!

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Digis took 2nd place among top 100 Ukrainian IT employers according to MC.today survey

Main reasons to join Digis

Productive start for interns and juniors

Our CEO himself quite recently was a student and worked with juniors a lot. So we know how hard it could be and we tried to make beginners’ experience as positive as possible.

Our interns and juniors have:
  • career road map
  • paid internship with a gradual increase in salary within six months
  • mentor for each candidate which guides him on the project
9 out of 10 interns become independent members of the project team in 3 months

Project choice:

Every specialist can choose a project they like and ask for a project change in the process. The only way to provide the best solution is to have specialists who are passionate about the products they work with.

  • Being able to choose a perfect project for them both increases their productivity and decreases the chances of them leaving the company.
  • Demand for our services now surpasses supply so we can choose the most interesting ones with a new tech stack.

About us

Digis is a European company of 200 employees. The company was founded 7 years ago and has managed to grow from a startup into a reliable partner for our clients.

We took the best from the product and outsourcing company. You collaborate directly with the client's team, make business trips. At the same time, you can easily change projects, try new things, and get diverse experiences.

  • Direct work with various product teams
  • Remote or office work
  • Paid education
  • Thought-out management
  • Transparent communication
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