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What Our Customers Say

With Digis we are prepared to launch our application’s second version in a beta mode in a few weeks.
Víctor Almaraz Sánchez | CTO at Userlytics Corporation

Project Overview

User testing of a software or a website, be it a mobile app or an online store, is considered an important component of UX design, so high-quality user testing tools can contribute to your product success. They help you understand how different user types respond to your product design, and it, in its turn, can show you whether your product provides the best possible user experience.

However, user testing is quite a time-consuming task - you need to set up a testing facility, find and hire target customers, and purchase hardware (i.e. PCs, laptops, smartphones etc.) to test your product on.

Fortunately, there are many remote usability testing tools thanks to which you can save all the mentioned time and money resources. However, most of these usability testing services are too difficult for an average user, and require additional training on their use.

Our client, Uselytics Inc., wanted to provide the industry with a software solution for the user usability testing that would be as simple as possible, while ensuring a superior coverage of all possible user testing issues. Digis was contracted to convert the client’s ideas and concepts into a fully operational tool capable of benefiting both customers ordering their software usability testing and users executing such tests.

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Cross Platform Support

The client wanted to have maximum possible coverage of hardware, so we implemented iOS and Android mobile apps to allow for mobile usability testing, as well as web-based platform accessible from Windows OS PCs, Windows laptops, MacOS laptops, Unix/Linux PCs and laptops etc in order to provide users with online usability testing tools. Now, Userlytics have a tremendous pool of users capable of performing usability testing on all types of available hardware. Digis paid a great attention to the optimization of the source code, so Userlytics software runs as smoothly as possible, regardless of the platform.

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Recorder Tool

One of the main elements of any user testing is to see which impressions users have when interacting with a software product. The client wanted to have an instrument that can show customers how their users interact with the software and what they feel during such interactions. We created the Userlytics Recorder, a tool that records a user’s device screen and everything happening on it. It also records video and audio of the user, so the customers may align user’s answers with user’s real behavior during the test.

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Test Builder

The client’s idea was to equip the customers with a solution that can be personalized as much as possible. The requirement was also that the customers were able to create any user tests they want, without spending too much time on it. After some research actions, Digis developed the Test Builder, a built-in feature that allows customers to create custom user testing procedures in several clicks. The customers may use well-thought test script templates without any modifications, or edit those to create a test that fits their needs ideally. In addition to test script templates, Test Builder supports scenarios, so the customers may go with various scenarios inside one test flow.

Many of us noticed, when browsing through online store catalogues, that some goods sit in not very usual categories. The customers may get user’s opinion as to which category the item should belong. This is achieved via Card Sorting feature that helps users align items with their likely categories.

Digis followed the client’s requirements and needs, and implemented the solution that ensures extreme flexibility of test flow creation. The customers can customize virtually all aspects of the test.

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Final Thoughts

Website usability testers, desktop software usability testers, mobile app usability testers - what unites them all is the need for remote user testing tools. These instruments help to understand, with no huge expenses, how real-life users will receive the software and which impressions and experience the software use will create. Userlytics testing platform allows software developers get access to a huge pool of inexpensive testers to try their software products, and, at the same time, let these freelance testers make some money on remote testing of websites, apps, and, generally, software.

The development process was full of tricky and interesting tasks and challenges, and Digis will be pleased to provide additional details on technicalities and business processes implemented in the course, so feel free to contact us and get a comprehensive consultation on all stages of the project. We are sure the information you’ll get will allow you to eliminate your doubts and make a great choice of a software development contractor.

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