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Project Overview

Many people globally celebrate some memorable dates: birthdays, anniversaries, proms, achievement milestones etc. Such celebrations are a great chance to release the accumulated pressure, dive into some relaxing atmosphere, and listen/watch to some professional performances from talented artists such as musicians, acrobats, clowns, etc. But reaching out to such talents in a conventional manner can be a real pain as you need to contact their agents, negotiate on the performance time and cost, discuss and agree on some riders, and, finally, after the event, walk the bumpy payment road. Seems quite an issue, right?

It certainly did for our Customer, a technology startup from France, Tedyz. They certainly faced such a challenge in the past, spending much time and efforts on arranging some party for someone of their relatives. As a result, Tedyz performed an investigation into the market of such services, which resulted in a crystallized idea to create a platform where people can look for and find talented performers and where those performers can promote their services and capture new clients. DIGIS was awarded this interesting but very tricky contract as we have a great portfolio of successful projects for French businesses.

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Cross Platform Support

Audience and its outreach now has critical importance as bigger audience gives more leads and more leads give more prospects and clients. That’s why the Customer asked for, and DIGIS implemented, cross platform nature of the application. Built to work on both iOS and Android platforms, Tedyz app ensures seamless operation on both the Talent’s and the Customer’s end, without any freeze or issue in terms of interactions or payments.

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Social Sign Up

The more registration options a software has, the more people will use it. It is especially relevant for Tedyz App as Talents are usually media persons with good presence on the Web, so they have busy pages in social networks, e.g. Facebook. DIGIS added Facebook and Google sign up options to let both Talents and Customers register on the platform using their social profiles, to save time and, what is even more important, copy their information into Tedyz without additional efforts.

All professional information of Talents will be copied to Tedyz and become available to Customers, letting both parties get benefits: Talent’s data will be promoting the Talent’s activities and Customers will be able to find what they need.

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Escrow Payments

With so many fraudulent activities in the current days, secure payments is a feature that should be considered “by default” during the software development. DIGIS offered, and the Customer approved, using an escrow mode of payments. It means that the Talents won’t get the money for their performance unless the Customer confirms the service has been provided in an appropriate manner. At the same time, Tedyz notifies the Talent that the fee to be paid by the Customer for the service has been credited to the Talent’s escrow account in the system and the Talent will get the money following the meeting. To even enhance the security, DIGIS implemented the escrow flow using MangoPay and PayPal that empoy the market – leading anti-fraud and anti-laundering algorithms. In case the Customer is not happy with the Talent’s service and files a complaint (or starts a dispute) and if Tedyz investigation confirms the poor quality of the service, the money won’t be released to the Talent but will go back to the payer, i.e. the Customer.

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Geopositioning Support

Sometimes privacy is key for the Customer, who doesn’t want to make his or her home or work address publicly known. Tedyz app offers both sides — Customers and Talents — an opportunity to keep sensitive location information between them only. The Customer pins the destination point on the map and the Talent arrives to the place, without disclosing address details. The Talent’s smartphone with the installed Tedyz app also can act as a mobile sensor, so the Customer is always able to see where the Talent is and plan the event accordingly. Positioning accuracy is ensured not only by GPS but as well by the mobile network triangulation method.

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Rating System

One of the main metrics used to evaluate the service and its provider(s) is to rate it. DIGIS added an opportunity, both for the Customers and Talents, to rate their counterparties after the service provision. This allows other users of Tedyz platform see how good or bad the service provider or the service purchaser is in terms of quality of the service or payment for the service. This approach enables to consider the information contained in Tedyz app relative to the Talents and Customers as reliable and accurate.

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Built-in chatting/messaging feature allows the Customers and Talents to communicate freely and securely, without leaving the app. They can chat about the pricing, location, peculiarities of the upcoming event, schedule and plan of the event etc. Photo/music/video content attachments are supported as well.

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DIGIS utilized a range of

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