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No matter how small or big a startup is and how big their ambitions are, Digis is here to help them break into the market and achieve their deserved success.

Startup Lifecycle

All startups, regardless of their industry, size and origin, follow one clear path that consists of several steps:

  • Origination of the Idea
  • Validation of the Proof of Concept
  • Creation of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • MVP scaling-up to meet the market demand
  • Sustainable Development during the Growth Stage
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO) or direct company sale

Digis is capable of helping startups with at least 5 of the above 6 stages, from advising on the viability of the idea and up to providing managed IT services for small business during the business development phase. In certain cases, we can also help you with the idea origination, if needed.

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Startup-Centric Approach

In most cases, startups have tight budgets and poor vision of their idea assessment and implementation. They need some small business IT support services to be able to start their commercial operations and initiate profit inflow.

Digis IT support for startups is targeted to particularly resolve these issues. We can provide individual developers to augment the Client’s project team or fully manned dedicated teams to go ahead with the whole project. For this purpose, we have elaborated and strictly follow our startup-centric approach.

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Digis SME IT Support

  • A Client - any IT company startup - comes to us as one of the small business IT service providers. The Client wants their problem to be solved. Digis Project Manager performs the research and comes up with a set of options.
  • The Client picks up the most suitable and appropriate option, and the project kicks off.
  • Guided by the Client, our PM identifies tasks to be accomplished in order to resolve the problem. There is no need to initially formalize these tasks - they can be just outlined.
  • In cooperation with the Client and other Digis experts, our PM tunes up all the processes, i.e. sets up the Git flow, task lifecycle, testing stages etc.
  • Digis Project Manager coordinates our team’s work with other contractors, if any: design team, associated project team etc.
  • In the course of the project, our PM collects and processes our team’s feedback in order to provide new ideas on improving the performance and accomplishing the task.
  • The Client provides their input to our proposals, we discuss and validate them, and the project continues and finishes to our mutual benefit.

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Unique Value Proposition for Startups Signing up to our Small Business IT Support Offering, the Client obtains:
1. Dedicated Teams
Our developer selection for the Client’s project is like a movie casting: we pick up only the best ones for the current project: we consider the Client’s AoR, the software domain, the project scope and timeframe, and provide the best developers the money can buy for this project.
2. Stone-Solid Communication
Our single Point of Contact (a.k.a. Account Manager) is available 24/7 and the Client no longer needs to talk with developers.
3. Complete Progress Control
Guaranteed project control by our Account Managers lets the Client relax and avoid micromanagement on the project
4. Reliable Developer Tracking
The Client doesn’t need to control whether the developers are working on their tasks or slacking, it is all now the responsibility of our PM. The Client gets the result.
5. Custom Root Cause Analysis
If a previous contractor was about to kill the project, DIGIS performs a complete project rescue procedure to save it and put the Client back on track to success. No need to panic!
6. Purely Business Focus
As DIGIS manages everything “under the bonnet” of the project, the Client can now spend all their time on developing their business and improving their market strategy.
7. Fair Price Tag
Becoming a unicorn, that is a one-billion-worth company, is the holy grail of any business. We at DIGIS were with at least 2 businesses that grasped this trophy - FaceDrive and BlaBlaCar. And we can share our knowledge and teach you how to follow in their footsteps.
8. Opportunity to Join the Unicorn Club
The most promising startups that pass our in-depth check receive an opportunity to get access to the capital without addressing venture capitalists - DIGIS invests our own money in them or can link them with other businesses able to see their idea potential. No need to worry about urgent paybacks - DIGIS starts getting reimbursement only after the seed round.
9. Access to Capital
DIGIS is regularly contacted by the representatives of multiple investments funds willing to invest their money into interesting startups and projects. That means that we not only invest our money but also connect our startup clients with top-notch investors.
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