Quality Assurance Services

Ensuring flawless digital experiences with precision and expertise, our QA services guarantee optimal performance and reliability across all software solutions. Partner with us to elevate your product quality and customer satisfaction.

200+ integrations into an existing development & testing process
4.8/5 stars overall review rating based on 65+ reviews
80+ projects tested from scratch
30+ projects being managed

Why Choose Us


With a versatile resource pool, we offer flexible scheduling options to suit your preferences, whether full-time or on-demand. Experience convenience and satisfaction like our many clients.

AI-Driven Efficiency

Optimize processes with our AI-powered workflows. Our solutions automate tasks and unlock new opportunities for innovation, enhancing efficiency and productivity across your organization.

Certified Expert Teams

Collaborate with certified professionals offering dedicated support for your success. Our diverse team ensures projects meet certified standards, providing reliable expertise every step of the way.


Need to adjust project timelines? We accommodate your schedule changes, aligning our business hours with yours for seamless collaboration, regardless of your location.


From basic testing to intricate technical tasks, our skilled team handles all your QA outsourcing needs, saving you the hassle of searching for multiple vendors.


Uncertain about your customers’ device preferences? Our mobile app testing covers all devices, ensuring your app functions flawlessly across various platforms.

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We have a dedicated project manager from Digis who takes our relationship very seriously.

Eleonora Ludin
Director of Engineering at Hubspot

Within a couple of months we could see that our backlog was reduced, and our time to deliver projects was reduced.

Kineret Kimhi
Data Engineering Manager at BlaBlaCar

They’re committed and have the ability to scale up in order to deliver fast.

Stephanie Gosset

They have skilled and committed development staff.

Arthur Darde
CTO at Otoqi

The team has been innovative and reliable. Their experience and professionalism were admirable.

John Wright
Chief Technology Officer at Connectbase

I desperately needed quality developers that would stick with me, and I’m certain Digis will do just that.

Rasim Aliyev
Co-founder and CEO at Raters

Digis’ work and infrastructure are fantastic.

Ian deQueiroz

Priorities of each task were delivered with a strong balance between business and development goals.

William Chu
Founder & CEO at Picup Media

Their team always suggested improvements and delivered on time.

Roman Raslin
VP of Research and Development at Ongage

It is clear that they very carefully vet the people they hire.

Gina Levy
CEO at Kinlia

The overall quality of the candidates they provide has been very good.

David Vins
CTO at Omedym

They are well experienced knowledgeable professionals

Cem Isbilir
Head of Production & Development at Roomster

Digis has been a reliable and high-quality partner for many years for our company.

Omar Khawaja
Director of Product Management at ZenduIT

Digis has been reliable throughout the development process.

Iryna Nerozna
COO at Noty.ai

Our QA Services and Solutions

Managed Testing Services

Manual Testing Services

Automation Testing Services

Penetration Testing Services

Consultancy and Audit Services

Performance Testing Services

Offload your testing responsibilities and ensure the quality of your software with our managed testing services. Our dedicated teams handle all aspects of testing, from planning to execution, allowing you to focus on core business activities.

Flexible engagement models to suit your project requirements;
Continuous monitoring and optimization of testing processes;
Transparent communication and regular progress updates.
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Ensuring thorough and meticulous evaluation of your application's functionality and user experience, our manual testing services offer a human touch to detecting bugs and issues. With skilled testers and comprehensive test cases, we guarantee the quality and reliability of your software.

Detailed exploratory testing to uncover hidden defects;
Real-world user simulations for authentic user experience assessment;
Identifying edge cases and ensuring comprehensive test coverage.

Streamline your testing processes and accelerate time-to-market with our automation testing services. Our experts leverage the latest tools and frameworks to automate repetitive test cases, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

Designing and implementing robust automation frameworks;
Executing automated test scripts across multiple platforms and devices;
Integrating automated testing seamlessly into your CI/CD pipeline.

Identify vulnerabilities and fortify your systems against cyber threats with our penetration testing services. Our certified ethical hackers simulate real-world attacks to uncover weaknesses and provide actionable insights for remediation.

Comprehensive vulnerability assessments and penetration testing;
Targeted exploitation of security vulnerabilities to assess risk levels;
Detailed reports and recommendations for strengthening your security posture.

Gain strategic insights and ensure compliance with industry standards through our consultancy and audit services. Our experienced consultants provide expert guidance and conduct thorough assessments to help you optimize your IT security practices.

Tailored consultancy services to address your specific security challenges;
Compliance audits and gap analysis to identify areas for improvement;
Recommendations for implementing best practices and mitigating risks.

Optimize the performance and scalability of your applications with our performance testing services. Our experienced testers evaluate system behavior under various load conditions to identify bottlenecks and optimize performance.

Load testing, stress testing, and scalability testing to assess application performance;
Identification of performance bottlenecks and recommendations for optimization;
Ensuring consistent performance across different environments and usage scenarios.

Types of Applications We Test

SaaS (Software as a Service)

Ensuring seamless functionality and reliability, we meticulously test SaaS applications to guarantee optimal performance and user satisfaction.

DWH (Data Warehousing)

With our expertise in DWH testing, we validate the accuracy, consistency, and completeness of data stored in data warehouses.

Mobile Apps

From usability testing to performance optimization, we conduct thorough testing of mobile applications across various devices, platforms, and operating systems.

Web Applications

We specialize in testing web applications to ensure they meet functional requirements, perform reliably across different browsers and devices, and provide a seamless user experience.

Desktop Applications

With our desktop application testing services, we ensure that desktop software meets performance, usability, and security standards.

IoT (Internet of Things) Devices

From smart home devices to industrial IoT solutions, we test IoT devices to ensure they function seamlessly, communicate effectively, and maintain data security.

Testing Tools We Use

Automated UI Testing

API Testing

DevOps Tools

Automated UI Testing

API Testing

DevOps Tools

Apache JMeter
AWS Developer Tools
Azure DevOps
Google Developer Tools

Our Collaboration Models

Tailored to your project needs, Digis offers flexible cooperation models for quality assurance services:

Testing Team Augmentation

Ideal for: Companies with existing QA teams.

Augment your internal QA team with skilled testing professionals tailored to your specific needs. We provide expertise in various technologies, industries, and testing methodologies to complement your in-house capabilities.

Dedicated Testing Teams

Best suited for: Complex software projects (e.g., enterprise applications, multi-platform solutions).

Digis assembles dedicated testing teams led by experienced QA lead and supported by seasoned test engineers. Each team ensures comprehensive testing coverage, with scalability to adjust size and composition according to project requirements.

Managed Testing Professionals

Perfect for: Medium-complexity software projects (e.g., mobile apps, web applications).

Digis provides seasoned testing professionals with specialized expertise and industry-specific knowledge. With 8-15 years of experience, these self-managed experts ensure high-quality testing outcomes while operating independently.


200+ seasoned IT experts, ready to help.
60+ positive Clutch reviews back our reliability.
70+ clients remain with Digis for enduring support and upkeep after release.

Testing Types We Perform

Explore our diverse array of testing methodologies designed to ensure the robustness, reliability, and user satisfaction of your software solutions.


Here are testimonials from our valued clients that highlight our unparalleled expertise:
1 /5

We have a dedicated project manager from Digis who takes our relationship very seriously.

Digis’ developers have been an integral part of the company with their wide expertise. Their contribution to numerous product releases has been remarkable. Communication has been smooth; the team is fully integrated into the product development lifecycle, leading to a hassle-free process.

Eleonora Ludin
Director of Engineering at Hubspot
Leading Marketing Platform
United States
our contribution:
  • We've modernized the notifications platform that informs customers about outages, maintenance, or critical situations in the system. This has extended the number of filters and improved the reliability of the product.

  • Also implemented an automated validation tool for assets submitted into the Marketplace. This tool checks theme and module assets against pre-defined checks, sets scores, and indicates revealed problems.

  • Implemented automatic two-way synchronization of data between the admin tool and the customer portals.
  • tech stack:

    Within a couple of months we could see that our backlog was reduced, and our time to deliver projects was reduced.

    The team successfully reduced the backlog and time to deliver projects. Now, the vendor handles large projects and speaks with external stakeholders on their own. Digis is a reliable group with an effective, communicative workflow.

    Kineret Kimhi
    Data Engineering Manager at BlaBlaCar
    Long Distance Carpooling Platform
    our contribution:
  • Our team focused on connecting dozens of bus providers via the implementation of an adaptor which can receive data from various bus providers' APIs which have no standardized format.

  • We developed a "communication system" - emails, SMS, push notifications.

  • Our team added a few new sources to the Data Warehouse.
  • tech stack:

    The overall quality of the candidates they provide has been very good.

    Digis has effectively filled the gaps in the client’s internal teams with skilled resources. As a result, the client has managed to complete deliverables in a timely and high-quality manner. The team is communicative and receptive to feedback and continues to impress with the quality of their work.

    David Vins
    CTO at Omedym
    Engagement Boosting Platform
    United States
    our contribution:
  • Optimized database requests for faster system performance.

  • Enhanced logger service reliability for accurate data analysis.

  • Streamlined video metadata generation.

  • Introduced a modern UI Kit with dynamic statistics, chat, and personalized recommendations.

  • Redesigned data table views for improved visualization.
  • tech stack:
    Node JS
    React JS

    The team has been innovative and reliable. Their experience and professionalism were admirable.

    Digis built a simple platform that customers had been excited to use. They have also shown professionalism and admirable experience. Additionally, their great communication skills and highly regarded engineers helped a lot in the success of the project.

    John Wright
    Chief Technology Officer at Connectbase
    Industry Platform for Connectivity
    United States
    our contribution:
  • By introducing a Rules Module, we've systematized data and automated workflows.

  • Our team has developed a Network Module for better provider selection and implemented a real-time Pricing API for data integration.

  • Also, upgraded the system to Angular, improving navigation, simplifying processes, and enhancing performance.
  • tech stack:
    Node JS

    Their team always suggested improvements and delivered on time.

    Digis’ expert team delivered a high-quality product on time with advanced architecture and technologies. They constantly made suggestions on how to improve the client’s product — they were dedicated to the client’s success. Their project management was straightforward and effective.

    Roman Raslin
    VP of Research and Development at Ongage
    End-to-End Email Marketing Platform
    our contribution:
  • By improving a critical ETL project, we've expanded application capabilities with a modern API.

  • We contributed to an email marketing project with a new API and React-based UI.

  • In addition, we collaborated for swift MVP creation and showed adaptability in diverse tech stacks, delivering quality solutions under strict deadlines.
  • tech stack:
    Node JS


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