Why IT Outsourcing from DIGIS is Your Solution?

Our Outsourcing Service is ideal for you as we offer the best 5% of
Software Engineering Professionals.
We process hundreds of candidate’s CVs every week to find only 2-5 talents who are able to augment your on-site team.

What is IT Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a service to provide a person or a business with urgently needed additional human resources without hiring them to your company.

  • Outsourcing

    You take your Software Development Project and send it to a development firm for completion

  • Outstaffing

    A development firm sends their developer(-s) to you to augment your Project Team on-sited

Project Control and Responsibility
  • Outsourcing partner controls the project performance and bears responsibility for the product and its quality

  • You have all controls and responsibility for the project, project team, project schedule, and project product quality

  • You pay the whole development project costs

  • You pay only the Outstaffed Developer(-s) rate, so this payment can be many times less that you would pay in case of Outsourcing

DIGIS Outsourcing Works Perfectly For


Because it empowers startups to more efficiently spend time and money


Because it solves tight budget and schedule problems


Because it allows for quick scaling up of project team and save on wages and other associated payments

DIGIS Top Candidates Sieve

All the developers in the DIGIS Outsourcing Dept have passed our fine “sieve”, the procedure we use to select, screen, test, and hire top software engineers. See DIGIS Talents Sieve below.

01 Initial Screening

CV assessment

Who advances: candidates with strong CVs and good experience/skills balance

English language assessment

Who advances: candidates with at least Intermediate English level

02 Code Check

Who advances: candidates with strong code as decided by DIGIS Mentoring Team

The code must be strong, effective, but not overcomplicated.

03 Test Case

Who advances: candidates who successfully completed tricky test assignments within a predefined period.

The result must prove a candidate is able to solve issues and use the whole set of technology and soft skills and abilities

04 In-Person Interview

Who advances: candidates meeting DIGIS expectations and showing their compatibility with other DIGIS talents and principles

The candidates must be tolerant in all possible aspects: culture, religion, etc. as DIGIS is a multinational and multicultural family of rockstar engineers. The candidates must show that they are pro-active, responsible, and success oriented.

05 Offer Stage

Who advances: candidates who after thinking the DIGIS offer over felt their attribution to our principles and commitments.

DIGIS does not force anyone, it must be a free will choice.

80% of those who made it to this phase decide to join DIGIS.

Post-Sieve Developers are:

Our people know how to do their work right, are able to step off the paved track to solve problems, and are both loyal and flexible to fit into any working environments and rules.

Unique Features of DIGIS Outsourcing

Full Free Access to DIGIS Knowledge Base

All our devs have it to quickly resolve virtually any issue.
Expertise of hundreds of experts helps!

Supplementary Project Manager Control

Even if our Devs are on-site with the client, dedicated DIGIS PMs will delicately control devs
performance helping the client ensure the best KPIs.

100% Excellence

If you need Proactive, Flexible, Loyal, and, most essentially, Skilled and Professional, Software Developers for your in–or out-house project team, DIGIS is where you MUST go to!

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