Are You tired of overrunning Your IT project budgets?

Forget about it forever - DIGIS and our Discovery Phase Specialty Offer will help You stay within expected budgets without dropping any of Your requirements!


DIGIS knows that success of any IT project is based on good planning. That is why we worked out a solution that helps our Сlients marry their needs, deadlines, and, most importantly, budgets. It is a simple but effective 2-phase strategy consisting of


What is DIGIS Discovery Phase?

Our Discovery Phase is Step #1 of a Project Development Flow targeted to identify the Project’s vision, goals, and scope.

Result Doesn’t Meet Expectations
Result Meet Expectations
time How Long Does It Last?

3 - 4 weeks, as it is absolutely enough.

Who is on the DIGIS Discovery Team?

We try to keep this thing as simple as possible, so only 100% needed people are doing Discovery Phase actions for our Clients.

who-is-item-1 Business Analyst

Prepares Use Cases and Project Requirements, identifies main Project’s goals and users and defines how they will use the Product

who-is-item-2 Solution Architect

Researches the future Product and identifies Technologies and Solutions to be used to meet Client’s needs

who-is-item-3 Project Manager

Schedules/Arranges Client Meetings, keeps logs of all discussions, ensures proper & productive liaison between the Discovery Team and Development Team

who-is-item-4 Designer

Creates user experience in line with the Project’s goals, crafts wireframes & prototypes to visualize the future Product

What will You Get after the Discovery Phase?

100% Confidence that Your Project is viable, business needs are fulfillable, and Product requirements and deadlines are achievable. You will get Your Project ready for kick-off.


How Does Discovery Phase Work?


DIGIS & Client sign an Agreement


DIGIS performs Discovery Phase


DIGIS develops the Client’s Product


The Product is done, the Budget is met.

Discovery Phase Releases You From:

Ongoing Project Scope Creep: No more never-ending project extensions & delays
Rising Costs No more cost increases due to unclear goals and requirements
Missed Deadlines No more delayed milestones and completion dates due to blurry project boundaries
Mismatching Project Outcome No more cases when the Project doesn’t meet Your expectations due to initial stage misunderstandings

Discovery Phase Gives You:

  • Project concept brief description
  • Informational architecture scheme
  • Solution design
  • User stories
  • User workflow documentation
  • Functional sketches
  • Project scope description
  • Estimation
  • Functional and non-functional requirements documentation
  • Competitor review
  • Branding and design concepts
Standard $5000
  • Project concept brief description included
  • Informational architecture scheme included
  • Solution design Short
  • User stories Short
  • User workflow documentation not-included
  • Functional sketches not-included
  • Project scope description not-included
  • Estimation Rough
  • Functional and non-functional requirements documentation not-included
  • Competitor review included
  • Branding and design concepts included
Extended $10000
  • Project concept brief description included
  • Informational architecture scheme included
  • Solution design Extended
  • User stories Extended
  • User workflow documentation included
  • Functional sketches included
  • Project scope description included
  • Estimation Accurate
  • Functional and non-functional requirements documentation included
  • Competitor review included
  • Branding and design concepts included