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Effective customer relationship comes to the first place on a list if a business wants to be successful. With virtually all businesses currently heading along the digital route, customer relationship management has also become an automated procedure implemented through specialized - Customer Relationship Management (or CRM) - systems. CRM systems help businesses focus on truly important things through getting rid of manual data collection, import, processing, and export.

Being a company that offers software development services, DIGIS is an expert in manufacturing CRM software.

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Why choose DIGIS as your CRM
development partner

Develop your business while saving costs

At DIGIS, we are offering custom CRM development services aimed to help our clients improve their business performance while cutting their time and labor costs. We have discovered that time and labor costs factor is essential to clients as almost all of them ask the question “How much does CRM software cost?”

Tried and true development process

We have set up a well-tailored process flow for developing CRM software from scratch, which consists of the following four stages:

1. Discovery

We communicate with our clients to clearly define their requirements and shape out the CRM software design and functionality.

2. Designing and Discussion

We pack and analyze all information collected from our clients in order to come up with a solution most suitable for their business-specific needs. We prefer to continuously discuss all components with the client, in order to be on the same page. We are also not afraid of going beyond the client’s expectations or objecting to the clients if their requirements are not viable or ill-thought.

3. Development

DIGIS is a solid and highly skilled team of professional architects, designers, developers, and testers with the proven experience in made-to-order or custom CRM software development that employ the most recent and effective technologies and approaches. Our team members’ combined experience in software development is far beyond 100 years, and we are very flexible in terms of technology use.

4. Integration

We do not blindly code software products, we want to make sure they work exactly as you want and need. For that purpose, our testers and QA engineers will test software solutions piece by piece, module by module, to ensure they operate as effectively as possible. We are also ready to train our clients’ personnel on the real-life product use, as we are extremely committed to leaving our clients happy and satisfied.

Delivering what
clients need

Summing up, we believe that we design and develop our custom customer relationship management systems to make our clients’ business processes run as flawless as possible, and deliver exactly those results the clients expect, no matter whether it is a simple CRM system for a small business or a sophisticated customer relations management platform for a large-scale corporation. We do not just build your software system or platform or customize it by integrating new features and functions, we do add value to your business.

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