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Client’s Challenge

Finding reliable and trustworthy landlords with fully transparent (in terms of ownership documents) property for people who want to rent homes, apartments or rooms can be a real pain, as well as finding calm and solvent tenants can be quite a problem for home/apartment owners. Roomster was founded to help resolve these problems and let homeowners get profits from sharing their home with tenants and, at the same time, easen and make it convenient for tenants to find and rent suitable homes.

For this goal, Roomster created their software platform where all these transactions occur. But the quality of the software was not that good, the business logic was blurry, unneeded actions were numerous, so users didn’t want to join the platform and stay there. The client needed a fresh look from outside onto the software problem and an experienced and professional contractor to eliminate and fix all the issues.

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Re-building of the existing software solutions (Web, iOS/Android, and Backend) to incorporate the latest and the most efficient technologies, increase performance, improve usability and attractiveness, and, finally, retain existing users and attract new loyal users.

By contracting DIGIS, Roomster managed to gain all these benefits and stop their business fall. New software developed by DIGIS let the Client improve their recognizability, expand their business to new markets, and remove multiple unneeded outdated features that were complicating the platform use.

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The complete ecosystem of software solutions started to work to the Client’s benefit immediately after going live. As a result of this, the Client obtained a modern, optimized and fault-protected platform generating profits for the Client. At the same time, the platform users - home owners and tenants - got a robust, trustworthy, inexpensive and absolutely user-friendly portal where they all can find what they need at the shortest possible time and for the lowest possible cost.

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Single contractor for the whole line of software products.
Roomster no longer needed to bother with searching for separate developers for each of their platform components: web portal, iOS/Android apps, and backend to support the whole system. DIGIS took the whole responsibility for building all the products and successfully achieved the goal.

Guaranteed cash flow for Roomster thanks to the implemented subscription model of the platform use
Targeted to help our Client not only provide their users with the best-in-class homesharing platform but also get guaranteed receipts for the users’ use of the SaaS, DIGIS implemented the subscription model of the platform use. This approach is also beneficial for the users as they get immediate help from the platform’s tech support service in case of any issues in the course of their sessions.

Increased audience and constant inflow of new users
A variety of software products - webportal, and iOS and Android mobile apps - allows the Client to cover a huge audience, which is virtually all users of mobile phones and people having access to the Internet from any device. A substantial portion of this audience can further become verified users of the platform and start enjoying its advantages and bringing profits for the Client.

Amazing security of all users
Well-tailored permission distribution scheme and protected data vaults for each user category in the system make it possible to stop worrying about data leaks and thefts. Users get access strictly to those features and components of the platform they are allowed by their permission level.

Secure financial transactions
Both users and the Client now enjoy benefits of 100% secure payments enabled by the implementation of the latest payment gateways. It allows all stakeholders to have their payment means safe while ensuring full transparency of all payments and their storage in a dedicated payment log.

No scum or unmatching offers
All homesharing offers on the platform undergo an in-depth verification check by Roomster staff in order to enable 100% compliance of the offer description with the real state of things. Tenants can be confident that what they see and read on the platform they will see in the real world.

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Client’s and Community Benefits

Our Client obtained a full set of modern, functional and productive software solutions that let bring their business back on track and start its sustainable development. The updated software platform managed to conquer new markets in multiple countries and gain trust and respect of millions of users worldwide, thus making Roomster a recognizable and reputable company and adding to its business value.

At the same time, the community got the place they can easily and quickly offer their home for sharing to those who need an accommodation, and also not less easily and quickly find such accommodation from reliable owners in a safe manner.

All stakeholders have benefited significantly from the update of Roomster’s platform software components.

Technologies we used

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