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Project overview

For hiring managers and human resource professionals, Tax Credit ID (TCID) is RetroTax's proprietary web-based screening tool. This online platform allows our clients to qualify new hires for a range of tax credits, like Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)or geographically-based programs.

Over the last year, DIGIS has helped RetroTax improve their workflow by optimising existing applications and providing new technical solutions.

In the 21st century, automation, stable CRM, and a team available on-call day and night to solve any technical problem is essential to any business. In terms of our partnership with RetroTax, DIGIS designed, built, and maintained several outstanding applications to streamline their work processes.

How it works

1 Review

Conduct a brief eligibility review to identify tax credit programs that apply to your business.

2 Consult

Consult your tax preparer/advisor/CPA to determine strategies for best use of tax credits.

3 Review

Review employee payroll, identifying matches with eligibility requirements through our software.

4 Prepare

Preparation of forms and documentation for submission to various federal and/or state tax credit compliance offices.

5 Submit

Submission to your tax preparer/advisor of all related IRS forms required for filing your taxes.

6 Reflect on
Best Practices

Review training of key staff members in best practices for hiring future employees.

7 Report
to You

Continual reporting on changes to existing programs and newly proposed or enacted programs.

Short brief about each
solution provided


The RetroTax Plugin is a configurable, easy-to-use application built for their clients, alliance partners, and partnering organizations to screen job seekers, applicants, and new hires for a range of tax credits. The plugin has 3 different modes for use with On-Boarding Systems, Applicant Tracking Systems, and Pre-Qualification Screening. This web-solution, which can be built in your website, provides a fast and convenient way for registering new employees in RetroTax's proprietary screening application Tax Credit ID (TCID).

Module features:

•  jQuery
•  Bootstrap

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IP Telephony

You can integrate IP telephony and make calls within the platform. Add conversation scripts and use each of them depending on the purpose of the negotiations. All calls are recorded on the customer's card, you can listen to them to monitor the quality of sales. Fix the result of negotiations for each call, this will increase sales figures.

SMS messaging

You can send sms to clients without leaving the platform. The sender will be the number that you integrate with the platform. All information about SMS communications will be displayed in the customer's cards. You can create sms templates, this will save time on working with typical tasks.

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You can send letters to customers without leaving the platform. In this case, the sender's address will be one that you integrate with the platform. The entire history of correspondence will be stored in the customer's card. You can download letter templates to perform the same tasks. You save time working with clients, and also implement corporate standards in the company. The platform is also integrated with the mailing list service. You can create a series of letters and put on automatic sending.

Incoming requests

You can link the form of your site to the platform. Thus, all customer requests will automatically be saved in the system, and you will not lose a single client.

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