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49x more active users
Social networking feature
IMDB and RT integration
What Our Customers Say I desperately needed quality developers that would stick with me, and I’m certain DIGIS will do just that.
Rasim Aliyev | Co-Founder and CEO at Raters Group Ltd
Client’s Challenge

Finding trustworthy recommendations and opinions has always been an issue for people as there are tons of reviews and analyses made by thousands of unfamiliar people. Our Client invented the solution to this problem but faced some challenges with its implementation, which were to:

  • Find a reliable outsourced software development partner to develop their software
  • Obtain perfectly designed and market-ready mobile Android app to maximize the user outreach
  • Get high-performance backend to ensure smooth processing of in-platform requests
  • Attract new investments for further business development as a result of their software demonstration to venture capitalists and other investors.

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Creation of a mobile Android component to extend the customer coverage and allow the platform’s users to enjoy reliable recommendations from trustworthy movie reviewers and friends. Development of a high performance backend to support all data exchanges within the platform in the light of the increased number of users, and integration of social network functionality to exchange opinions on the video content.

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One of the best in class recommendations platforms were upgraded by DIGIS to make it fully in line with the Client’s requirements and also increase the level of its reliability among the platform users and, respectively, overall level of their happiness of the platform and its recommendations.
The success of the entire project furnished the Client with:

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Reliable outsourcing partner to engage to any future tech support or development tasks
No need to hire and pay in-house software developers high rates and cover their taxes as outsourcing partnership guarantees a great level of expertise at a reasonable cost and in a reasonable time.

Increased target audience coverage from 900 to 44,000 users
New Android app built according to the latest technology trends provides an awesome experience and convenience for all users.

Larger number of reliable recommendations on movies
Integration of social networking capabilities and automatic movie data fetching from IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes provide the platform users with a variety of recommendations from their friends on social networks and hand them with great movie details obtained from the International Movies Database.'

Ability to help their users stay informed about release of new movies, series, or episodes
Implemented in-app notifications and reminders let the platform users, additionally to the desired recommendations, be always aware of the air time of their favorite movies, series or TV shows.

Opportunity to valide their business plan and get higher investments from external capitalists
Rapid growth of the user base and their positive feedback about the platform proved the platform potential to the investors and helped the Client obtain funds necessary for further development of their business.

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Client’s and Community Benefits

The upgraded platform allowed the Client to become one of the most popular movie recommendations resources in their region and increase their brand recognition and, respectively, receipts to be directed to the further development of the business and improvement of their software.

The users can get the most reliable recommendations on their favorite video content and an opportunity to share their opinions about the movies with their friends on social networks and obtain similar thoughts and reviews from other movie fans from multiple social networks.

Altogether, the platform benefited all parties by promoting high quality video content and by providing fair reviews on it.

Technologies we used

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