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Our client is a world’s leading accommodation sharing platform that monthly serves millions of users from across the globe. It is a giant software ecosystem, and it should flawlessly run for the universe of users on a variety of devices at the same time. Therefore, the client and, respectively, we need to ensure that the development is smooth, the system is stable, and UI/UX is as perfect as it can be.

We have been tasked to develop the backend portion for the project having several million of users, which is something like airbnb. The project foresees implementation of the geolocation-based search, map handling and messaging features, as well as integration with social networks.

This project is a tricky but a very interesting task that will force you to utilize all your creativity and intellectual resources. But have no fear as you will be backed and assisted by your teammates all of which are of a Senior level, thus you won’t need to waste your time on nurturing them. The project is absolutely new and is being developed from scratch, therefore you won’t have to scramble through numberless lines of someone’s code. You will be the one to generate the code. Specifically for that reason, we are expanding our squad with highly professional and skilled developers who would like to apply their programming expertise and skills in practice and climb up a new level of the career.As such, you would be responsible for developing new and improving existing products to match the customers’ needs and requirements.

Your tasks and responsibilities may include:

  • Development of the backend elements in cooperation with other team members;
  • Implementation of a scalable solution for millions of users;
  • Implementation of interfaces between the solution and social networks;
  • Other tasks as assigned by your supervisor.

We expect that you will bring the following expertise and experience with you:

  • 2+ year of Python commercial experience preferably with data processing;
  • Experience with Backend development;
  • Knowledge of algorithms, data structures and Python design patterns;
  • Document-oriented database knowledge and experience with MongoDB;
  • Solid and proven knowledge of Flask web framework;
  • Practical Redis experience;
  • Knowledge of RabbitMQ;
  • Strong Intermediate or Advanced English is a must.

We will have additional joy if you have:

  • Knowledge of other programming languages/frameworks;
  • Ability to multi-task with multiple priorities and time frames;
  • Passion for learning new technologies and self-education.

Who are you

We believe that true passion to what you do makes you a true professional in what you do. We respect and value such people, people who show their desire to improve and grow, people who always try to squeeze all the best of them. Your professional skills and experience certainly are of a high importance, but these should be backed by your personality and itching for the improvement. We are in need of a team player meaning a person who is ready to be a part of a larger community unit, share responsibility for the work, be not afraid of the problems and be ready to solve them in a pragmatic manner, and, of course, who is highly motivated to play hard on this field. We believe you are a well-organized, efficient person able to set proper priorities and needing no “magical kick” to focus on the issue.

What we offer

  • Work in the consolidated, friendly and supportive team;
  • Perfectly equipped and cozy office with multiple lounge zones in the historical center of the city
  • Family-like relationship within the team and direct communication with international clients
  • Personal development and professional growth
  • Competitive salary, paid vacation
  • Team building activities (corporate parties, joint movie and football watching in the office)
  • English lessons with native speaker to bring your English to a next level
  • Coffee, tea, cakes and candies

About us

We are a custom software development company focused on providing our clients with top quality software solutions. We develop customized software for healthcare, banking, gaming, entertainment, lifestyle and a variety of other business and personal life spheres. We are helping other businesses and individuals increase their market value through making them digitally present, meaning that we tailor and fine-tune their software products to be in line with the latest market trends. We have fallen in love with what we do and expect that you have the same feelings.If this description matches what you think about yourself, feel free to send us your CV with a brief promo of yourself. We will evaluate those and set up an interview in a short time.

Have fun and send us your CV!

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