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Web and mobile questionnaires-based apps


Hospital & Health Care.

Our team:

Web developers, Android developers, the dedicated manager to ensure transparent work between companies.

Dev time:

more than 1 year, in the process.


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what is Huma?

Huma is a big product company that is working on 2 products now:

1. Remote patient monitoring solution.

It allows hospitals to increase their patient capacity by tracking their health remotely through notifications about treatment, video consultations, and their state of health by questionnaires and wearable devices.

2. Virtual clinical trial solution.

Through similar methods (questionnaires and wearable devices) the platform reduces clinical trial participant burden and improves the visibility of patient-generated data collected in the real-life setting.

93% of patients satisfied with using the Huma app

An approved supplier for remote patient monitoring for the NHS

Pioneering some of the world’s largest clinical trials

Partnering with NHS, Bayer, Samsung, University of Cambridge, etc.

Client’s challenge

Because of the increasing number of customers and the need to raise investments, Huma needs to expand and scale down the team fast. It is quite difficult to hire appropriate in-house specialists in less than 3 months.

Projects they need help with

When they started looking for a development team for staff augmentation, Huma had a remote patient monitoring platform. The company needed full maintenance and support of the Web version. They were looking for specialists who had already had extensive experience in the healthcare industry.

Later on, they also were in need of the web and mobile development team for modifying an existing remote patient monitoring solution into a virtual clinical trial solution.


We worked with Huma on minor projects previously, so they saw us as a trusted partner.

Our tech specialists with healthcare experience were able to take into account all the peculiarities to considerably contribute to both Huma products.

With Digis’ smart outsourcing services Huma is able to expand the team faster when new projects arise. Any necessary specialist begins their work in 2 weeks.

What we have already done

We built a participants web version for clinical trials so those who are not able to use apps and mobile phones also can contribute to the research while researchers get the opportunity to reach and analyze data of more relevant patients.

We are also continuously improving user experience by adding new features and fixing bugs in the doctor web versions for clinical trials and the remote patient monitoring solution.

Tech stack




Patient Web Application


Of questionnaires necessary to be completed. With the in-app reminders and key actions, participants know what is expected from them and when. The feature improves protocol compliance and reduces missed visits.


For the product, the questions were not as simple as «yes» or «no». Our software developers implemented more diverse question' logic like a scale from 1-10, choose the date; cyclic questions — if a patient has 3 kids they answer several questions for each child, etc.

Clinician Portal

List of patients

An investigator can track and control all the participants of their research. They can filter by various metrics and take action in case they are not good.

Web-based dashboard for each patient

Each patient has several metrics which are visualized as a dashboard with modules. Temperature, blood pressure, blood glucose, oxygen saturation, etc. The app has more than 100 modules to meet the needs of any clinical trial protocol. The data is generated from the patient app.

Video calls

So investigators can support participants remotely, eliminating site visits and improving the participant experience.


Successfully customized virtual clinical trial solution for AstraZeneca;

The company has grown 2x faster with our smart IT outsourcing solution;

Huma has raised a $130m Series C funding round;

Partnership with information technology company Atos to develop the virtual clinical trial solution.

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