Paul Commons,
Director of Technology at RetroTax

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At RetroTax, we’ve worked with DIGIS for more than 8 months on an array of projects utilizing an array of technologies, ranging from ColdFusion, Node.js, Angular.js, Java etc. As Director of Technology for our mid-size US-based company, DIGIS has been invaluable in meeting our business’ technical demands. I’d recommend DIGIS for 4 primary reasons:
First, despite our reliance on somewhat unpopular languages like ColdFusion, DIGIS was able to quickly pick up the new technology, in addition to learning our proprietary system’s unique business logic in weeks, not in months.
Second, their communication and reliability allowed for constant contact. Despite our 6-hour time difference, DIGIS was always available and managed to respond around the clock.
Third, they produced a quality work in a short period of time. They managed full-stack projects eliminating the need for my involvement, thus freeing up my time to work on business-related tasks.
Finally, their team welcomed us to Odesa, Ukraine. In our business we manage sensitive data. For this reason, we found it imperative to meet DIGIS face-to-face before beginning any work. After meeting the team, they alleviated our concern.
The partnership has benefited us and we aim to continue the relationship.


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