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Client’s Challenge

Narrow streets of the European cities and towns are crowded with cars and suffer severe traffic jams despite the local governments’ multiple efforts to limit the number of cars on streets. These are some of the problems standing in front of governments, car owners, car sellers, and other transportation industry stakeholders:

  • Traffic jams on streets due to the cars left outside the parking lots
  • Complicated procedures to transport personal cars to needed locations (repair stations, other cities, homes/offices etc.)
  • Time losses, missed meetings, reduced time with families for car owners attempting to find free parking spot or deliver their cars to car repair stations
  • Reduced quality of transportation services in general, and
  • Many unemployed drivers who need jobs.

Parkopoly wanted to help mitigate all these challenges and allow European cities to reduce the number of cars on streets, release car owners from many burdens related to their cars, and provide unemployed freelance drivers with an opportunity to make for their living. Parkopoly wanted to build, and built, a platform that resolves some of the most important social problems - cars and jobs. And at the same time it brings some profit for Parkopoly.

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Development of a mobile application for Parkopoly’s platform to help car owners reduce time and money losses directly associated with their cars. Car owners lose their time and money searching for parking places, taking cars to repair stations, finding someone to deliver their cars from office to home or vice versa in case they need to urgently leave for business trips.

The platform also allows car sellers to quickly, safely, and cost-efficiently deliver cars they sell to any location within the platform’s service area. The software as well benefits experienced freelance drivers who now can earn money delivering cars to the needed locations.

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Perfectly designed dual OS mobile application developed by DIGIS serves as a great extension to Parkopoly’s platform and brings its usability, efficiency, and mobility to a completely new level. Our client and their customers now can use the whole range of Parkopoly’s service on the go, thus saving their precious time and cutting their financial costs.

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Always in time, wherever you need to get to.
Parkopoly mobile app allows car owners to forget about their scariest problem: finding a free parking spot near the office, restaurant, or anywhere else. A couple of taps on the phone screen to create a car delivery mission, and an experienced freelance driver comes to the desired location to take your car to any desired spot. It also works if your car is broken while you are driving - the freelance driver transports it to a repair station and brings it back to a specified location when the car is repaired.

100% car safety.
Parkopoly mobile app obtained a set of features such as vehicle mobility sensor (tracks vehicle movement), data collection tool (collects data about the journey, driver behavior and vehicle use). These allow car owners to always know where their car is, check where it was during the mission, and see how good or bad the freelance driver used the car.

Accurate route and time planning for both car owners and freelance driversthanks to the built-in geopositioning and geofencing features.
The mobile app also now supports violation-triggered notifications in case the car leaves the borders set by the owner. It also packs GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, and Galileo positioning and cellular-based navigation to facilitate the fastest car delivery to the needed location.

Convenient, easy and secure payments and receipts thanks to the in-app payment gateway. The car owners now can pay for their car delivery service right in the app, and the freelance drivers will immediately see their reward after the mission completion.

Fully trackable visual history of orders, completed missions, spendings etc. as DIGIS enriched the mobile app with robust data storage features. No data will be lost as they are stored both locally and in the cloud.

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Client’s and Community Benefits

The Client received a great mobile application that augments its big platform and allows car owners to spend their time on their business and families instead of wasting it on car-related issues.

At the same time, Parkopoly platform and its mobile application help highly skilled drivers jump at the opportunity to earn money for their high-quality service.

Parkopoly solution helps communities to reduce the number of obstacles - broken or illegally parked cars - on roads and streets. It works to enhance road safety in cities and outside.

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