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Project Overview

Having a car today is close to a must as the world moves very fast and you need wheels to keep in line with it and to be on time at locations you need to be at. You need a car to take your children to and from their school. You need a car to go to your parents for a weekend. You need a car to get to your office mornings and back home evenings, finally.

But cars are just mechanisms, and like any other mechanisms they can break down, forcing you to have them repaired. Or, in case you live in a city with an insufficient number of parking lots, you cannot find a place to park your car in the morning when you arrive at the office, or in the evening when you are about to dine with your wife at a restaurant. Or maybe you have just purchased your new car in another, distant, city and have no time to go and take it there.

These are the problems identified by our Customer following the market analysis, and the Customer conceptualized a solution that would benefit both you as a car owner and a service provider as a means to resolve your problems. This solution is Parkopoly Car Delivery Platform accessible for customers via mobile app.

DIGIS was tasked to build a dual-OS mobile app and a web application to enable the widest possible coverage of the audience, and inject all the best security features to protect both the platform clients and the platform owner/operator.

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Cross Platform

Nowadays, over half of the global population uses mobile phones and access the Internet. But mobile users can utilize different mobile phones. The most popular smartphones are iPhones running on iOS and a huge number of other smartphones running on Android. Attempting to build a software product capable of working on both iOS and Android devices, and also on any web-enabled device in general, DIGIS used React Native, JavaScript, Angular, Java and a bunch of other technologies to address the challenge. Thanks to it, our Customer can enjoy the benefits of a truly cross-platform application.

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Unprecedented Security

Security of a client’s vehicle is what really matters. Nobody wants to get back their cars scratched, with broken mirrors, or do not get their cars at all. That’s why DIGIS, upon our Customer’s request, implemented visual vehicle tracking tools on the Platform’s app: now the clients can see hi-def pictures of their vehicles with location stamps in the course of the mission. These tools even let the clients see if the drivers comply with road traffic rules when on a mission.

Moreover, the solution supports driver’s document scanning and storing to provide the customers with an additional piece of confidence and trust: they can see all important data of the drivers and use them accordingly if something goes wrong during the mission.

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Native Design

The Customer wanted to have a solution that looks as simple as possible and requires as few actions from customers as possible, but that is able to run all functions as required. DIGIS Design Team supported by the Customer’s designers and DIGIS developers handcrafted the design than looks and feels absolutely native on both iOS and Android devices. Nothing special, just some observance of Apple Style Guide and Google Material Design Guidelines and a lot of creativity on our side. Web version of the app goes in line with the latest Web Design trends and requirements, offering users an easy-to-use and well-though design making everything contained on the resource clear and easily discoverable.

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Car Fleet Management

The Customer wanted to have a real-time picture of the entire fleet positions on hands if and as needed. The Customer also wanted to have telematics from each of the vehicle to understand how the drivers perform and where they need to improve. DIGIS opted for an innovative connected service solution, DriveQuant, which turns smartphones into mobility sensors. As a result, both Parkopoly and its clients can use all the benefits of shared mobility and driving analysis features.

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Geopositioning Accuracy

Sometimes, it is very important to arrive to a destination not only on time but on the meter as well, especially in cities with their intense traffic and always occupied parking lots. DIGIS implemented all types of geopositioning systems: GPS, Galileo, Baidou, - and enhanced it with geofencing capability to avoid even minor inaccuracies.

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Secure payments

Cash is getting behind cashless payment options, and both the Customer and DIGIS know it. That’s why we enriched the solution with 100% secure payment gateways leaving no space for payment security flaws. Multi-factor authentication, full Google and Android Pay support, biometrics identification - all these features make the solution a real fortress in terms of payments for the services.

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DIGIS utilized a range of

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