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Web App
Investment Raised
$ 120,000,000

Tinder of the Carpooling Industry and the World’s Biggest Ridesharing Platform

A French tech company founded in 2006 now is the world’s biggest marketplace of carpooling and ridesharing services. The platform, consisting of the web solution and mobile apps, connects car drivers and passengers who want to travel together between destinations and share the travel cost - fuel and car use costs. The company is also one of France’s unicorn companies, i.e. its worth is over $1 billion. BlaBlaCar now has over 70 mln users (8 mln of which are active drivers) across 22 countries of the world and actively invests in its further growth and development. The company’s next plan, according to its CEO, Nicolas Brusson, is going public (IPO) in the next couple of years.

Company Valuation

In 2015, after raising some other $200 mln of investments, BlaBlaCar joined the Unicorn Club and reached the level of $1,6 billion in value. Since that time, the company raised $120 mln more, and in 2020, one of its investors, Baring Vostok Capital Partners, contributed an undisclosed amount and brought the company’s value up to $1.85 billion.

DIGIS Contribution

  • Provision of the high quality IT outsourcing service to augment the BlaBlaCar project team with skilled IT professionals.
  • Participation in the improvement of BlaBlaCar’s existing software solution in terms of optimization and development of new features and functions for the platform frontend and backend components.

Investment Raised
$ 11,000,000

A socially responsible and planet-greening ridesharing TaaS platform

FaceDrive is the first Canadian peer-to-peer ridesharing company that currently operates in Toronto/GTA, Hamilton, London and Guelph, Ontario. It has almost 13,000 registered drivers and more than 188,000 km of completed rides in the recent 3 months. Unlike its competitors in North America - Lyft and Uber, FaceDrive is carbon neutral, taking riders along on a sustainable journey. FaceDrive gives its riders options like EVs (electric vehicles), hybrids, or gas-powered vehicles to choose from. Riders can check the environmental impact after their ride. Also, a large percentage of the ride fare is invested in green initiatives like planting trees - more than 3,000 trees were already planted for this money in collaboration with Forest Ontario.
FaceDrive offers its drivers high payout rates, which lower manpower risks like peer ride-hailing platforms are currently facing.

Investment Raised

Since its foundation in 2016, FaceDrive has raised approximately USD 11 mln, in 4 rounds. These investments were raised as private offerings and totalled: USD 892 ths in July 2020, USD 3.3 mln also in July 2020, USD 5.8 in June 2020, and USD 1 mln in February 2020.

DIGIS Contribution

  • Performance of the in-depth analysis of the existing software to identify all the deficiency and bugs, to include those in FaceDrive’s Android and iOS apps.
  • Source code optimization of the mobile apps to improve their operation and counter unplanned memory leaks and enormous power consumption.
  • Reworking of the UX design of the apps to increase user satisfaction of the apps and, respectively, multiply the number of customers.

Mobile App
Client-oriented platform
Investment Raised
€ 1,100,000

An innovative client-oriented platform providing concierge and logistics services in car delivery area

According to the concept, the platform, at the user’s request, creates a mission - deliver a car from work/restaurant to any location, send a car to a car repair station etc. - which is accepted by a freelance driver who comes and performs the mission for a fixed amount of money. Founded in 2016 in France, Parkopoly company is now present on the French and UK markets and is distinguished by the unprecedented experience for both drivers and clients.

Investment Raised

EUR 1.1 mln raised in Q22017 from business angels and bpifrance (a financial institution supporting disruptive and promising companies and startups servicing the public needs).

DIGIS Contribution

Started the cooperation with Parkopoly as an ordinary software bug fixer, DIGIS has become the Parkopoly’s trusted development center, and now we are developing both backend and frontend portions of the platform, update and rebuild the platform’s functionality and implement microservices to allow for future scalability.

Investment Raised
€ 120,000

A recommendation-based travel app and platform for tourists and travellers

Launched in May 2017 by the London startup, Live2Leave app is home to a highly-engaged and community of travellers aged between 20 and 35 who have already posted over 11 thousand recommendations in relation to over 2,500 cities globally. belonging and competition needs & habits of people.

Investment Raised

Live2Live startup raised EUR 120,000 in Q42017 as a participant of Techstars London accelerator and investment program. Two months later, in December 2017, the startup also raised undisclosed amount of funds in the course of the Hotel Jumpstart innovation programme, powered by Expedia and Hotels.com, the world’s biggest travel company.
In February 2018, Live2Leave was voted in the top 3 travel startups of the Travel Technology Innovation Awards at the Travel Technology Europe Summit in London.

DIGIS Contribution

Optimization and stabilization the React Native code for the app;
Development and enhancement of the app’s functions and features.

Live 2 Leave
Travel App
Connect 2 Fiber
Cloud-based platform
Investment Raised
$ 8,000,000

A connectivity industry B2B SaaS go-to-market platform

Connected2Fiber’s software, The Connected World, is cloud-based platform that combines account-based marketing and location intelligence with cutting-edge predictive algorithms. It enables the comprehensive and interactive visualization of network assets with market data that can be effortlessly updated, analyzed, tracked and distributed. This accelerates the sales cycle of network connectivity for network owners and operators.

Investment Raised

In 1Q2018 raised $8 million in additional funding from Ascent Venture Partners, Nauta Capital, NXT Ventures and Osage Venture Partners. Connected2Fiber achievements: Five of the top 10 largest MSO's are currently using Connected2Fiber as a component of their go to market strategy. Connected2Fiber customers have published more than 5,000

DIGIS Contribution

Migration of the software from Angular 4 to Angular 6;
Implementation of Node.js features;
Implementation of geodata processing feature;
Refactoring and optimization of address validation service in order to increase the performance;
Discovery and elimination of security issues in the software;
Development of the app that collects and visualizes statistics by user requests;
Optimization of data caching service.

Investment Raised
£ 1,000,000

A listings platform that lets people find endurance sports events — running, cycling, and swimming competitions covering distances anywhere from 1km to 800km

Launched in 2016 by two Cambridge graduates and a MoneySupermarket veteran, the startup aims to become the “Airbnb of endurance events" like triathlon and marathon. There are now about 1.5 million endurance races globally that exist in a massively disorganised and fragmented mess. Let's Do This is targeted to organise all these events into one comparison site and allow, through extensive personalisation, athletes to find their perfect race. ges, tapping into the belonging and competition needs & habits of people.

Investment Raised

Let’s Do This has raised £1 million from investors including Mike Miller, the CEO of the World Olympians Association; Brian Schuring, founder of Rubicon; Jonathan Goodwin, the co-founder of Founders Forum; and Richard Oldfield, founder of Oldfield Partners.

DIGIS Contribution

Optimization and stabilization the React Native code for the app;
Development and enhancement of the app’s functions and features.

Let’s Do This
Listings platform

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