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Project Overview

Despite a constant improvement of various social programs globally, the number of people who need help does not go down. Multiple charitable organizations work hard to raise funds and help people in need. But there are also a lot of malignant formations that hide behind banners of charitable organizations and use the money donated by people not for the intended purpose. Due to this, many people do not donate their money, even if they want, because they do not know how to choose a relevant charity fund.

At the same time, most of us like entertaining at parties where we can dance to our favorite music and communicate with old friends and make new friends.

Our client, Discology Inc., have figured out that these 2 notions - charity and entertainment - can be linked, and elaborated an idea how people can donate to charity without spending their own funds.

DIGIS was contracted to develop this unique solution that combines entertainment, charity, and trust. Gamified experience makes the solution appealing for users, while charitable organization options selected by Discology’s Board after in-depth analysis are reliable and really help those who are in need. The solution converts users’ dance moves at the parties into real money accumulated on users’ accounts in the system, which then are donated to a Discology-selected charitable organization.

DIGIS developed the whole bunch of tools to enable complete functionality of the solution: mobile app, admin panel, and back-end.

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Hybrid Mobile App

Following the client’s request to implement a mobile app that would run on as many mobile devices as possible, we used React Native as the core technology to get an extremely versatile application. This allows, with minor modifications, run the app on both Android and iOS devices. Versioning on React Native is also a bit more simple than on fully native apps as developers need to update a relatively small part of the code and not the whole app.

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Social Networks Integration

The client wanted to make their solution very social, so that its users could easily link their social accounts with the Move for Awareness. This is important if they want to share their MFA achievements or promote custom dance parties. DIGIS have used Facebook SDK to add Facebook and associated services integration.

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The users need to see on the map where the next party is and how they can get there, so DIGIS provided for a reliable link between the solution and GPS sensors to ensure the most accurate positioning and routing.

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Device Sensors Integration

To provide for accurate processing of the user’s moves during the dance, the solution needs to obtain data from multiple sensors of the device, such as accelerometer, gyroscope, pedometer and so on. DIGIS wrote perfectly tailored algorithms that fetch data from these sensors, process it accordingly, and feed into respective data flows of the MFA solution, where this data is further processed and analyzed accordingly.

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Sleek Admin Panel

In pursuance of Discology’s wishes, DIGIS designed and developed a polished Admin Panel that contains an extensive set of tools aiding the respective roles to properly manage the solution, users, events and so on. Sleek design created in accordance with the world’s best UI/UX standards and with the use of MaterialUI technology makes the use of Admin Panel even more intuitive and simple, while adding a lot to its visual appeal.

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Greatly Achitected and Structured Back-End

Though not visible for end users of the solution, MFA’s back-end hosts a bunch of perfectly structured tools and algorithms that help connect the solution’s front-end with Admin Panel, process data accurately and quickly, and, generally, ensure reliable operation of the whole system regardless of the load and other factors. Flexibility of inquiries and responses is ensured by the use of MongoDB arguably considered as one of the most flexible non-relational databases in the world. It also ensures accurate and fast processing of huge data volumes without affecting the system performance.

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DIGIS utilized a range of

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