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Our Global Leadership Team

Customer satisfaction and happiness are those two whales which underlie the entire philosophy, strategy, and activity of DIGIS. Our company’s main goal is to help our customers, and customers of our customers, achieve success. All our products and services are designed for this specific purpose.

Meet our Team
Natalia Japerte Regional Director for DIGIS UK Ms. Japerte is a highly qualified sales and marketing management leader who dedicated more than 15 years of her life to building reliable sales chains and marketing operations for large international companies and helping them conquer new markets.
Inessa Svilpe Regional Director for DIGIS Latvia Ms. Svilpe has managed large Latvian corporations for many years and accumulated an extensive expertise in corporate administration, legal matters, and knowledge of the market, its composition and needs.
Nicos Christofides Regional Director for DIGIS Cyprus Mr. Christofides has a rich experience both as a finances and operations director for many international companies and in this capacity helped the businesses achieve and exceed financial goals and ensure effective financing of their activity.
Oleksiy Nagatkin Global Chief Executive Officer,
Regional Director for DIGIS Ukraine
Mr. Nagatkin has over 10 years of corporate management experience at European companies, to include large UK shipmanagement agencies, and is a talented and professional strategist with the ability of accurate forecasting of the market evolution trends.
Nick Nagatkin Co-founder and COO Mr. Nick Nagatkin is the Company’s co-founder and COO serving as the sidekick for the CEO. Proven technical background (Master of Software Engineering) and almost a decade-long experience as a professional IT business mentor and strategist help Nick make weighed and company-beneficial decisions. Nick is also an expert in Augmented Staffing and Remote Teams and wrote an Amazon-marketed book about these great IT matters.

Since our commitment is to ensure the highest efficacy and communications across all our offices, our Global Leadership Team includes only those who believe in our ideals, know our customers and their needs, and take good care about our employees.