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Communication and quality were impressive. We are fully satisfied with the work of Digis.
Chedli BEN HASSINE | CEO at Lanslot

Client’s Challenges

The main challenge, which, by the way, was successfully countered, for the Client was to find a way to socialize the games and players and force them to network with their rivals more closely.

The other challenges, which accompanied the main one, were:

  • Find a reliable outsourced software development partner to develop their software
  • Ensure the maximum user coverage via developing iOS and Android apps
  • Raise more investment funds for further development of the solution and the business as a result of positive feedback of the solution users.


Successful cooperation with a reliable external software engineering firm resulted in the development of a React Native mobile app, which ensured the maximum user outreach requirement and allowed the Client to enter both iOS and Android gamer’s communities. With Lanslot App in hands, its users now can enjoy the following features:

  • Accurate geopositioning to find new eSports clubs nearby their locations
  • In-app messenger to chat with their competitors without needing to use any third-party software
  • Ability to create private parties for gamers in any of the available eSports clubs or in any location of their choice
  • Ability to join such parties created by other gamers
  • Share their favorite games with any other user of Lanslot App to find new friends to play with
  • Assign ratings to eSports clubs, games, players etc. to make other users informed of those.
  • Increase their socialization and make new friends.

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An absolutely new and unique platform that serves to the benefit of not only eSports fans but also to the benefit of video gaming clubs and communities, and to the benefit of the entire society as well. The solution helps gamers communicate between themselves, share their opinions on the games, gather for private eSports-related parties, and otherwise network and enjoy shared gaming.
Upon the successful completion of the project, the Client obtained:

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DIGIS Company in the capacity of a reliable outsourcing partner
The Client obtained a superior quality software development service and product and, at the same time, avoided the need to hire in-house developers and cover their payrolls, taxes, office rent etc.At the final end, DIGIS provided all the needed expertise and helped the Client flexibly manage their business budgets.

Highest Possible Target Audience
New React Native app built in line with the latest technology and mobile app design trends eliminated the need to build standalone apps for iOS and Android ecosystems and, at the same time, ensured a perceivable increase in the new users number.

Potential Partnership with eSports Clubs
Integration of the list of geolocation-based eSports clubs and addition of such clubs to Lanslot App by users provided the Client with a great opportunity for establishing new connections and relations with such clubs and also for future monetization of their services.

Promotion of eSports Industry
The more users join the Lanslot Platform, the more informed their circles will become about eSports and everything related to it. Everyone will benefit from the increased popularity of the eSports industry - gamers, clubs, game producers, and, of course, the Client.

Socializing Function
Lanslot App does also serve as a social network for eSports gamers where they can talk about new game releases, new characters, new clubs, see ratings of the clubs or games. The platform users can also become more social through visiting eSports clubs and talking to their in-app friends tet-a-tet in reality.

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Client’s and Community Benefits

Lanslot App allowed the Client to become Europe's first eSports social platform producer and, respectively, attract all new users to their platform - in July 2020, the platform had as many as 25,000 active users. The success of the platform served also a perfect ground for the Client to validate their business idea and demonstrate their investors its viability and profitability.

At the same time, the App has become a single place for thousands of eSports gamers to find new games or places to play them with those who feel the same about video games. The society in its turn will benefit from a higher level of socialization of video gamers as they will go out to eSports clubs, communicate there with other people in reality and make friends with them.

The clubs will also benefit as they will be paid for their service and for their computers. Altogether, the platform benefited all parties by promoting the eSports industry and showing the society a new way to play video games.

Technologies we used

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