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Project overview

Advertisement in today’s world is a powerful tool to direct what and how individuals and companies perform. We see ads everywhere — in the streets, in magazines, newspapers, in public transport and, as the Internet has penetrated into almost each and every area of business and personal life, we see ads in the Web as well.

The same words apply to social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. With the combined audience exceeding 3 billion active users, social networks have become a fantastic leverage to influence the people’s mindset and choice.

Our customer wanted to be among companies driving the market and came up with the task to combine job offer posting with advertising on social media.

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Our result

As a result, DIGIS developed a system that automates the creation of hiring campaigns through automating marketing campaign creation in social networks. In our context, marketing campaign means targeted advertisement setup.

We implemented a self-learning AI-enabled system providing the users with suggestions on preferable advertisement budget, audience and reach.

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Thanking to the AI feature, what is left to the user is simply to tell who the user is looking for by choosing the industry, experience, and skills, confirm the ad by selecting the system-recommended imagery and texts or adding own images and texts, and then lean back and see how candidates appear in the control panel in the real-time.

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Moreover, thanks to seamless integration with Facebook Marketing, Google AdWords and other social networks’ APIs, you may collect and export statistics, see all campaign-specific details, identify and localize bottlenecks in your campaigns for further corrective actions.

Launching and managing hiring campaigns in social networks has never been easier!

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DIGIS utilized a range of

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