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App development for Travel and Hospitality

travel and hospitality
solutions development

Travel and hospitality organizations are now forced to do their best to get their customers’ loyalty and recognition. The customers currently want to get perfect and personalized experience during their travels or stay at hotels. They want to find the best value for fair cost, and IT technologies help them with it. Multiple options are alive to help customers make their choice. Those also allow travel and hospitality companies to attract and retain their customers. At DIGIS, we ourselves are fans of traveling, and we are professionals in developing various travel and hospitality software solutions.

We help the service providers become more competitive on the market and win their customers appraisal.

what we offer

Development of custom software solutions helping our clients to stand out and successfully compete on the market

Coverage of all operating systems and platforms as we craft cross-platform solutions if required: no need to choose which device or operating systems to use

Superior User Experience guaranteed by a classy user interface developed to meet all design and user requirements

Flexible approach to the solution architecture to be ready for future growth and development

Unprecedented integration capabilities to be able to make all your business tools - CRM, ERP etc. – interconnected

World-level QA policies and procedures to find even the minor errors or bugs and make sure the solution works just as the client wants it to

Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to make your solutions smarter and cost- and resource-effective

what we develop

Travel agent software

We build solutions helping individual travel agents and big travel agencies to manage their operations, keep track of all records, coordinate all actions and changes, communicate with customers etc.

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Hotel management systems

We construct solutions for hotel owners and managers in order to facilitate that huge scope of everyday routine peculiar for such domain. We aim to make these operations as easy as possible, in order to allow hoteliers to free up human resources and costs for sustainable development of their businesses.

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Housing rental portals and applications

We also want to help individuals earn profits doing what they are used to do free of charge. Airbnb is a good example of how the industry develops. We build SaaS and social networks connecting private homeowners willing to share their homes with travelers who are in need of accommodation while on business trips or during vacation travels. We believe that housing and accommodation software is key to making our life easier in this industry.

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Solutions for restaurants and other public catering businesses

People love to eat out as it eliminates the need to cook at home and frees up their time for really important things and for families. We help cafes, restaurants, and other public food points to manage their everyday operations, maintain all necessary accounting and reporting, evaluate and control the performance of their employees etc.

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Mobile billing and payment solutions

We help businesses to be able to manage their operations from any point of the world by delivering simple yet effective tools to control all aspects of business operations no matter where the controlling person is. Secure and time-tested technologies combined with innovations we bring to life helps to complete this task.

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what you get if order travel and hospitality solutions from us

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Improved user experience

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Better control of your business operations

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Fast and secure access to all key data from everywhere

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Customized tools to do all the routines