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App development for Retail

retail solutions development

The rise of technologies has changed how consumers find and purchase various products and commodities. Digital technologies have made such things as eCommerce, PoS and Virtual PoS, Digital ERP etc. real. Software solutions now allow businesses to cut costs and save time by automating routine operations, implementing automated accounting and reporting functions, and, generally, automating and digitizing virtually all of their activities.

DIGIS collaborates with merchants, independent vendors, buyers, and other retail industry stakeholders and have successful experience of building eCommerce platforms, providing integration services with social networks, and payment and shipping processing engines. We also help our clients to build innovative retail software that improves supply chain management and customer satisfaction. Our expertise covers developing software solutions to maintain customer bases, manage stock inventory, track commercial vehicles delivering products to the customers.

what we offer

Development of both frontend and backend for your system in compliance with the newest and most reliable commerce technologies

Coverage of all operating systems and platforms, i.e. we craft cross-platform solutions if required: no need to choose which devices or operating systems to use

Perfect User Experience guaranteed by a classy user interface developed to meet all design and user requirements

Absolute security and transparency

Flexible approach to the solution architecture to be ready for future growth and development

Unrivaled integration capabilities to ensure connectivity with CRM, ERP etc. across the whole business

Highly experienced and skilled IT engineering talents fallen in love with the software development and ready to fight any challenges and solve any tasks

World-class QA methods and tools to find even the minor errors or bugs and make sure the solution works in 100% compliance with the client’s needs

what we develop

E-Commerce solutions and platforms

We aid our clients by providing them with various tools to manage their sales and increase their earnings from the business. Powerful online stores with superb security options, simple and flat design, reasonably distributed storage space, intuitive instruments to find, sort, filter, export, and compare products help our clients retain their permanent customers and attract new, thus improving their KPIs, cutting operating costs, rising the business to new levels.

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CRM and ERP systems

We build industry-leading business solutions which allow our clients to better convert their leads into customers, improve inventory management, reach more consumers, handle thousands of users, increase their customer loyalty, and generally track and understand their business performance.

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Online marketplaces

We create technology platforms allowing all interested individuals to earn money by selling various goods to other people via the Internet. We enhance such platforms with perfect security technologies, proper user permission distribution options, ML and AI-enabled instruments to make the users work with the platform easy, pleasant and effective.

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Trading software

We help business traders to stay online and be able to manage all their accounts and operations on any platform and from any location by delivering powerful Web and mobile applications which provide access to all trading tools and data. Full security and extreme performance are key to their success, so we implement Blockchain and SmartContracts algorithms to prevent any breaches or human factor errors.

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POS and Cloud POS solutions

More than half of the global GDP is ensured by small businesses, to include small shops and stores. We help such business to improve their performance by building truly customized and personalized POS and Cloud POS tools for them. Perfect design, great choice of built-in functions and features, bug-free operation ensuring continuity of the business processes, integration with most CRMs and ERPs, possibility to export data and reports to external formats and applications are things peculiar to our software products and help businesses reduce the time needed to provide high-quality services to their customers.

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what you get if order retail solutions from us

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Better control of your employees and inventory

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Personalized functions and features

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Various metrics to measure your business efficiency

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100% security of your transactions