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App development for Media and Entertainment

Media and Entertainment
Solutions Development

As the world becomes more and more connected, IT solutions play a major role in content creation, management, and delivery. M&E companies need to focus on a wider range of issues, such as content quality, cross-channel distribution, access devices, revenue models, and user experience. User experience now is of the highest concern as users want to be able to choose and use the content in their own way.

DIGIS is aware of all threats the M&E companies face, and, being a consumer of their services, we know what makes users happy. Our expertise and knowledge of the hottest technologies outlining the way Media and Entertainment industry evolves make us confident in the quality of our products. Our flexibility and loyalty assure that no clients will be dropped halfway to the end and no challenges will be left unaddressed.

What We Offer

Development of frontend and server parts for M&E solutions to satisfy all market-specific requirements and needs

Superb user experience achieved by implementing flat, responsive and 100% user-friendly design for all our software products

Advanced security options through the use of Blockchain-based technology and algorithms

Great pool of IT talents ready to overcome any challenges and avoid any pitfalls

Both time-tested and innovative QA methods and procedures to prevent any bugs or errors in the software operation

Enablement of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to make your solution outperform the competitors and become a human-like system

Flexible approach to the solution architecture to be ready for future growth and scalability

What We Develop

Social Network Software

We create intuitive and powerful solutions for social networks to ensure perfect user experience, availability of multiple tools simplifying the software use. We integrate innovative monetization and data sharing instruments helping the owners to raise funds for future enhancements and improvements and the users to get a handful of choice options to express their emotions and feelings.

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Content Management

We develop complex technology solutions to manage such workflows as content production, storage, processing, distribution, and consumption. The personalized user interface, efficient encoding and transcoding, secure interfacing with major payment and billing platforms and services, protection from unauthorized content use, various options of monetization, and full compliance with copyright regulations - all this is guaranteed by us in our software products.

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Digital Asset Management

We build software helping its users to quickly organize, tag, search, share, modify, and download any digital files. We integrate advanced security options to make such software absolutely safe and secure to use. We enhance our solutions by adding integration with major social networks in order to enable easy data sharing on the go and from any location, thanking the Cloud technologies support.

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Marketing and Campaign
Management Platforms

We implement solutions that help M&E companies to optimize their planning workflows, simplify their management, automate the execution of all types of their campaigns and evaluate their performance. Such solutions help to set proper tasks and avoid wasting resources while ensuring their accurate and correct allocation across the entire business.

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Advertising Platforms for Social Media

We construct solutions helping to reach engaged and targeted audiences based on their age, geography, interests, and background. We implement integration with virtually all social media such as Facebook Marketing, Google AdWords, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. Full support of analytics to create detailed reports on the campaign performance and improvement. Various options to verify audience, retarget cross-channels, and a long list of various metrics to evaluate the advertisement efficiency.

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What you get if order media and entertainment software solutions from us

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Perfect tool for your business efficient promotion

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Better control and leverage of your resources

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Customized control of all business processes