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App development for Human Resources

human resources software

Human resource software is designed to help employees and management perform at their full potential and is implemented by businesses of all sizes to boost productivity and overall employee satisfaction.

Effective human resources solutions integrate recruiting, onboarding, workforce management, time scheduling and management, payroll solutions and strategic human capital management.

With the world moving along the “cloud” way, HR systems now follow the same approach. Instead of posting job offers in newspapers or placing those on the job walls, recruiters and companies have entered the Internet, specifically social networks.

DIGIS possesses a wide experience in playing on both the social networks and HR software fields. We know the obstacles and challenges here and know how to avoid or overcome them. We know all this not only from the recruiters’ bank but also from the side of job applicants, thus being able to create solutions satisfying both our clients and the talents they are hunting.

what we offer

Development of both front end and back end for your system in compliance with the newest and most reliable HR techniques and methodologies

Coverage of all operating systems and platforms, i.e. we craft cross-platform solutions if required: no need to choose which device or operating systems to use

Perfect User Experience guaranteed by a classy user interface developed to meet all design and user requirements

Absolute security and transparency

Flexible approach to the solution architecture to be ready for future growth and development

Unrivaled integration capabilities to ensure connectivity with CRM, ERP etc. across the whole business

Highly experienced and skilled IT engineering talents fallen in love with the software development and ready to fight any challenges and solve any tasks

World-class QA methods and tools to find even the minor errors or bugs and make sure the solution work in 100% compliance with the client’s needs

what we develop

Administrative HR software

We provide our clients with the systems helping them to store thousands of employee records, manage and control all payroll and benefits data, create automated reports on the employees and export them externally for future use.

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Workforce management solutions

We build highly specialized and personalized systems to enhance our clients’ workforce control and management. Our products help their users to control their employee absence and attendance, plan holidays and work schedules, build organization charts, distribute tasks and assign responsibilities.

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Strategic HR systems

We implement dedicated tools to interview, evaluate and track applicants, manage and measure the performance of a company’s employees using well-grounded metrics, launch and execute custom training and development programs that consider any user-defined specifics and features.

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Dedicated recruitment campaign management solutions for social networks

We create technology tools enabling our clients to extend the outreach of their recruitment campaigns to social networks. Such tools employ automated processes thus releasing the users from the need to manually do all the routine. They also have perfect connectivity with most major social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. ensuring a virtually native experience of using them. Some of our solutions host Blockchain algorithms and approaches to make their use safe and secure.

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what you get if order human resources software from us

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Ultimate control of your workforce and talents performance

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New ways to promote your business and recruit new people

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Various metrics to help you measure and improve how your business performs

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Unrivaled security of all data

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Opportunity to find true talents among highly on-target audience