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With switching from outdated tools and procedures - such as paper patient files, clinical procedure documents, printed aids and materials – to electronic registers and logbooks, and with the rocketing use of high-tech medical equipment and pharmaceuticals production facilities, healthcare and health sciences organizations face a challenge of how to smoothly transition to new technologies without worsening the patient care, affecting drug discovery and development, breaching industry-specific regulations etc. DIGIS exists to help such organizations to get the best solutions they need to meet all these requirements and save quite a lot of efforts and funds.

what we offer

Development of all possible solutions for Healthcare and Life Sciences to meet the strictest regulatory requirements to safety and transparency

Responsive User Interface to allow user finding all necessary information or performing all necessary actions without wasting time

Integration with major industry-leading interfaces and systems to ensure 100% compatibility of formats and files

Absolute attention to the smallest details to ensure absolute safety of a procedure or a drug for patients

Both time-tested and latest QA procedures and technologies to ensure ultimate quality of the product

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to make your systems smarter and cost- and resource-effective

what we develop

Medical software

We help hospitals, clinics, medical doctors to get rid of ridiculous paper registers and files by providing them with our best EMR/HER (electronic medical record/electronic health record) systems capable of storing, sorting, filtering, and searching for millions of patient-specific details in a single, easily maintained and fully secured, place.

Electronic Prescribing

We make doctors and patients closer to each other. No more need to waste time getting to a hospital and waiting for a doctor. Fully interactive software applications with enabled video broadcasting feature help doctors to carry out remote medical examinations and prescribe medicines and patients to get urgent medical help without leaving their homes.

Patient portals

We build Web and mobile applications that allow patients to have access to their medical profiles and files, consult with a pharmaceutical specialist or with a doctor. Such solutions cut healthcare institutions’ costs and make patients more satisfied with the level of service.

Medical billing and CRM

We help to connect medicine with business, making it possible to use common business tools such as CRM/ERP systems. Thanks to it, healthcare organizations obtain all their benefits such as electronic accounting and reporting, integration with payment systems, patient records management, electronic scheduling, email notifications etc.

Interfaces for integration with all possible systems

We may help you to connect your standalone solution with any other system, both healthcare-related and not. We will develop the interface to link these two ends and make them work together and exchange data.

what you get if order software for healthcare and life sciences domain from us

Quick access to patient data from everywhere

Improved performance and perfect medical reporting

Integration with labs, registers, and other EHRs/EMRs

Medical form templates to cut the patient visit time

Better doctors’ performance due to routines automation

E-prescription tool for enhanced convenience

Better control of medical operations from everywhere

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What was done by DIGIS:

Developed the System’s Front-end component from scratch in full compliance with the Client’s needs and requirements and in line with the best available methodologies and market situation

Contributed to the System’s superb user experience through employing the most advanced Web Design techniques and tools

Added instant chatting feature to connect the System’s users in the very System and ease their communication

Implemented photo and imagery sharing functionality to enhance the chatting between the users and make it more visual

Set up and properly configured reminders function to let the System’s users be aware of all important events they have scheduled or have been invited to.

A highly personalized mobile solution offering individual treatment plans for high-risk patients

What was done by DIGIS:

Developed Back-end portion of the System and its mobile application following the Client’s requirements and expectations

Used simple but very flexible and functional architecture approach to meet the Client’s requirements and ensure superb user experience and performance

Added integration with Google Fit, Apple Healthkit, and Fitbit to make the system truly universal and cross-platform

Enhanced the System with push notification feature in order to keep the end users posted on their progress

Injected data encryption across the whole system to ensure all user data is safe and secured