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Project overview

CRMtronic is not just a task management system, With it, the entire database account is located in one place. Ability to tag, filter, leave comments for each client separately.
Customer base
All data is stored in one place, information is structured, segmentation by clients is available. Each incoming request is fixed, all information for each client (the history of calls and sales) is available to the entire sales department. Each manager is easily interchangeable to work with any client.

Use cases

Sales history

After each touch with the client, the result of communications must be recorded in the customer's card. Thus, it is possible to immediately determine the goal of the next touch and build a negotiating strategy. This approach increases the efficiency of negotiations and sales growth. And also allows you to continue the transaction by another manager (as a last resort).

Client's card

The entire history of the customer's touch (appeal, channel of attraction, sale, movement through the stages of the sales funnel) is fixed in a special form - the customer's card. There is an opportunity to choose the number and subject of the information field of the card.

Browsers to be supported

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Registering for trial
You do not have to collect data yourself and do reports. All this platform does automatically. All reports are received in a convenient and understandable format. Immediately we see strong and weak places in the work of managers, which allows you to immediately influence the situation and correct errors in sales.
Control panel
The platform by means of artificial intelligence itself analyzes the sales progress for each transaction. At each stage of the sales funnel, the platform shows the percentage of probability of successful closing of the deal in the current scenario of the sale on sale.


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