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Project overview

The technology of HIT, which makes it possible to conduct online video interviews, is simply irreplaceable in finding the employee for an out-of-office work. That is why a competent psychologist is able to get the maximum of useful information during the live communication which a questionnaire or testing is simply unable to give. In fact, while choosing a future employee, gestures, a manner of speech, character, a way to put yourself and general appearance can tell a lot about a person. The technology of HIT gives you exactly this priceless possibility of live communication.
•  Online interview saves time and resources for both employer and potential employee.
•  A potential employee, while having an interview in a home environment, feels calmer, more confident and less exposed to stress.
•  An interviewer can not cause stressful situation for the candidate because there is no direct communication. Although it is certainly necessary to set some non-standard questions.

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Two types of

Two types of interview are foreseen in the system — synchronous and asynchronous. Synchronous means having an interview in a live video chat (just like in Skype), where one or several reviewers communicate with applicants in the real time. Asynchronous — when an applicant answers some questions concerning the certain vacancy on camera.

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Your benefit

Using the Hit technology will benefit you in many ways. Here are just some of them:
•  You can conduct much more interviews with potential employees;
•  You can vastly extend the circle of the candidate search because it will not be difficult for you to conduct real-time interviews with someone who lives in the different parts of a city or even in a different region. It is highly convenient in cases when you are looking for someone to work out-of-office. Due to the fact that online interview is much more comfortable both for the employer and the applicant, the dialog will be highly productive.
•  The precious time that is usually spent on the road and sometimes the expectation of the interview itself can be put into much more important issues.
•  During the selection of an employee for remote work you already direct your attention in socializing with him online, this way you can be sure that this person is abreast with time and mastering new technologies for this person is no problem.

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