Gustavo Dore
CEO and Web Producer at Motify Ltd.

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I have been working with DIGIS for 6 months now and they have been a great partner. I run 2 businesses, one as a service and another one as a consultant, and they have been able to help me in both.
In one of them I could leave all the development work to them and they would deliver without a problem. They would do from estimation, development and project management and all I had to do was deliver the design. They also would deliver that as well if I had asked, but being a designer myself, I felt it was my job in that specific case.
Their engineering services to me came with a strong support from their office team. If a responsible person was facing a problem for the first time or having any difficulty, they would get their senior staff to help, without any additional costs for me. That’s the main reason for me to recommend hiring DIGIS instead of autonomous online freelancers. You can be sure they will do all that there is in their power to help you succeed.
DIGIS response is always quite fast and regardless of the your time zone they will try to answer you as soon as they can. I wonder when they sleep. From an entrepreneur point of view, this is great because you can discuss quick ideas with them at any time, even on weekends.


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