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Project overview

DIGIS was asked to help with creating a CRM system for health care providers that would be able to have every needed logging, tracking, reporting and accounting tools in a single location.

Empower U is a CRM system intended to connect health care providers of all types and forms of ownership with the families whose children require specific care.

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All in one place

The system seamlessly merges functions of a scheduling tool with benefits of an online billing application supplemented by SMS and email notification features. Thanks to it, care providers may schedule their visits to those they treat, notify them by text or email messages on the upcoming visits, and charge the service buyers for their services.

Empower U also has an extensive reporting functionality providing the user with a vast variety of reports to choose from.

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Securely and independently

Empower U system is a single location where care providers may schedule and log their visits to the treated persons, submit treatment plans and other treatment-specific documents, issue and send invoices, set up SMS and email notifications to keep all involved parties posted on the visits, as well as compile and submit reports to the service buyers or browse such reports in a convenient and visually-friendly electronic form or print them out and read on paper.

Thanking to strict user permissions distribution, the system may be securely and independently used by different roles such as administrators, supervisors, care providers etc. Each role gets that level of access it is authorized to.

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Empower U’s Dashboard is a perfect feature to visualize all the information or export it to external applications.

Designed and developed from scratch as an SPA application and thus having simple yet flexible and powerful architecture and functional capabilities, Empow- er U is now growing into a comprehensive CRM and learning platform which empowers community service providers to empower recipients of the services, offering the unique courses of intensive training, development and education programming.

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DIGIS utilized a range of

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