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Project overview

Healthcare industry evolves as the clinics and hospitals acquire expensive medical equipment and hiring and training their staff. However, most of them pay insufficient attention to the customer experience and satisfaction, as the customers, i.e. patients frequently face with lost analysis results and, sometimes, medical errors due to poor customer relationship management. The situation is even worse when one starts to talk about the minors requiring special care - children with developmental disabilities such as Down Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder etc.That’s because they cannot protect themselves and need this protection from their families or external care providers.

The solution to this important problem is specialized healthcare CRM software that allows healthcare providers efficiently manage patients and their health information. But healthcare CRM systems available in the market couldn’t be copied onto the mentioned category of patients, so our client, Empower U.. developed the idea to build a CRM for healthcare that would empower healthcare providers to efficiently help people in need of specialized treatment. Having healthcare industry as one of our key domains, DIGIS was contracted to create the needed customer relationship management solution that would empower local healthcare facilities to be more proactive in the treatment of their patients with special needs.

After a long, difficult though interesting process that involved engagement of professional medical experts, local communities representatives, families with children with special needs, we created EmpowerU, a CRM system intended to connect healthcare providers, regardless of their type and ownership form, with families whose children require specific care and treatment.

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Intended Purpose

Unlike the majority of other CRM systems for healthcare, EmpowerU was built to manage those patients who usually do not visit medical facilities but who are visited by healthcare providers. This approach influenced the flow of the software and hierarchy of operations in the system: the core of all operations is patient, and everything is built upon the patient, his or her needs, home location, etc. We stemmed from the fact that healthcare providers must follow patients and not vice versa.

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All-in-One Solution

Willing to empower our client to help people with special medical needs get the proper treatment, DIGIS architectured and built the system serving as “one-stop” CRM solution that provides its users, healthcare providers, with all the features and functions needed to manage their patients.

Scheduler and Logbook

These features were implemented to allow healthcare providers schedule and plan visits to the patients and record the results of these visits to the system database for further uses.

Document Processing and Sending

Healthcare providers can send various treatment-related documents such as treatment plans, medical recommendations, drug prescriptions, health status assessment questionnaires etc. to the patients or their families.

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Billing and Payment

A dedicated billing and payment module allows healthcare providers compile, issue and send invoices for their services to the services buyers.


DIGIS implemented the SMS and email notification feature to keep all involved parties informed about scheduled or urgent visits to the treated patients.

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Automatic and manual report generation module allows users to compile and submit healthcare reports to the service purchasers or check such reports either electronically or on paper - the module supports report printing and export.


According to the client’s requirement, DIGIS developed System Dashboard to allow browse all essential parameters and indicators in their visual form. The Dashboard lets users to build various diagrams and comparison charts for a better understanding of treatment-related issues. The users may also export the needed information to external applications.

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Since the client wanted to have various roles in the system, DIGIS designed and implemented user permissions control functionality to provide a needed level of access to the system for such roles as Administrator(s), Supervisor(s), Care Provider(s) and so on. Optimized algorithms allow each role to access only those features and functions of the system they are allowed to use. Password encryption was implemented to enhance the security even more.


Built as a Web application, Empower U CRM system remains a convenient and user-friendly Web solution enhanced by module support. Thanks to it, the client may scale the solution up or down by adding or removing the needed modules.

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