Improve efficiency
Increase accountability
Save costs

Client’s Challenge

Healthcare service providers and care recipients (children with special mental medical conditions and their families) suffer multiple difficulties:

  • Untimely or missed visits
  • Poor prescription and other medical records tracking
  • Many unneeded intermediates between caregivers and care recipients
  • Reduced quality of healthcare service for those who really need medical help.

EmpowerU wanted to help all the engaged parties to solve these issues and establish more efficient interactions between them. The idea was to create a solution that would empower all parties to act more efficiently.

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Development of a comprehensive Healthcare CRM with certain learning functions that helps healthcare providers better manage their services and care recipients get higher quality services. Now they both can enjoy improved convenience of the digitized healthcare service.

The software removes distance barriers for those care recipients who are usually unable to visit healthcare institutions. It allows healthcare providers to ensure their service efficiency throughout the whole chain of service provision: from federal agencies and down to caregivers (doctors, nurses etc.) visiting the patients.

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Our client now has a world-class product that allows its users of all levels - federal, district, and local - to focus their efforts on patients, i.e. opt for the approach “healthcare providers follow patients”.

No more lost prescriptions or medical examination results thanks to switching the whole document flow to a digital form - prescriptions, test results, exam reports, visit feedbacks are now all originated firstly in soft copy and stored in the local database or in the cloud.

No more paper bills left unserved or unsettled as the users now can enjoy dedicated billing and payment module where they can prepare and send invoices for the provided healthcare services to the buyers. All financials are fully trackable and allow avoid any miscalculations or losses.

No more security breaches or unauthorized access to patients’ sensitive data - custom-made UPC (user permission control) keeps a strict eye on the access level of each user role and enables respective functions, while severe encryption of passwords makes it impossible to hack them and steal personal data and other critical information.

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Client’s and Community Benefits

With EmpowerU Healthcare Solution in hand, the Client can bring the quality of healthcare services for children with special mental medical conditions to a new level.

The Client’s solution empowers healthcare service providers to improve their efficiency and accuracy, increase their accountability, save costs for them at all steps.

The solution allows the Client to increase the overall satisfaction within the engaged communities and, generally, improve the quality of living.

Technologies we used

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