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What Our Customers Say

Their technical resources were the most impressive part of our engagement.
Uma Vijay | CTO at Facedrive

Client’s Challenge

Founded in 2016 with the aim to contribute to nature preservation and, at the same, provide the community with a comfortable means of transportation, the Customer's startup created a unique people and planet-first ridesharing platform. The successfully implemented idea was to organize a platform that would give people an opportunity to participate in nature preservation and restoration in two ways:

  • By choosing eco friendly, low-carbon and zero emission vehicles for the rides, and
  • by becoming part of this initiative as owners and drivers of such vehicles.

The platform software was built, as well as its iOS and Android mobile extensions, and started attracting users concerned about nature's health and its steady deterioration.

However, like any startup, though innovative and unique, the Customer's company, of course, faced some challenges, which included:

  • Increasing the number of active users of the platform
  • Improving the user experience of the platform
  • Implementing the new features for the platform and its users
  • Optimizing the software to ensure improved battery life of the user’s devices.

The company needed a partner to help them mitigate these risks and challenges.

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DIGIS joined the Customer's project with a skilled team of iOS and Android Developers, QA Engineer, and Project Manager tasked to improve the client’s software and help the client drive their business forward.

Working in tight cooperation with the client, DIGIS Project Manager and QA Engineer conducted an in-depth analysis of the platform operation to identify:

  • Total count of car calls
  • Total count of accepted calls
  • Total count of completed rides, etc.

The team dive deep to find ways to make the client’s software better and came to the conclusion that UI/UX of the existing client’s mobile apps could be improved so that to stimulate more drivers and customers to join the platform. If the driver already was enrolled on the Customer's platform, the identified areas for improve UI/UX affected the driver’s willingness to accept the ride call.

After showing the analyses results to the client and obtaining the final “yes to go”, DIGIS Team started the software reworking project.

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In the course of the project performance the team:

  • Introduced the programming modifications to make the app's code even more efficient and clean
  • Introduced multiple changes to optimize performance of the apps and eliminate memory leaks that caused excessive power consumption
  • Added a brand new Coupon feature to the platform to allow its user enjoy discounted rides (discount can be both in percent from the original ride cost or a fixed price discount)

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DIGIS also injected several proprietary algorithms to improve geolocation accuracy based on our extensive geofencing project implementation record.

Following all the project modifications, the client obtained:

modern and functional iOS and Android mobile apps  to augment their big-brother platform,

increased number of drivers  who joined the platform and contributed to sustainable development of the rideshare industry,

increased number of customers  who became able to contribute to nature preservation,

2x count of rides  and  70% less of call cancels  thanks to the simplified and well-tailored call processing and acceptance procedures,

overall increase in the customer satisfaction  of the platform according to the customer feedback,

resources and time to focus on really important business matters.

Client’s and Community Benefits

With brand new mobile apps, the Customer's company managed to more than double their customer outreach while significantly increasing their satisfaction of the platform and the offered services.

The increased number of customers and level of their happiness allowed the Client to increase the receipts and direct them to further business development and service marketing.

The drivers of low-carbon or zero-emission vehicles now were able to retain up to 90% of the fare. Altogether, the Client and the community became able to mitigate the negative impact of mankind.

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