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Sales analysis. Control

CRMtronic is not just a task management system. It is a solution that stores the entire database account in one place. Ability to tag, filter, leave comments for each client separately.

Customer base

All data is stored in one place, information is structured, segmentation by clients is available. Each incoming request is recorded, all information for each client (history of calls and sales) is available for the entire sales department. Each manager is easily interchangeable and can work with any client.

All in one place

Sales history

After each touch with the client, the result of communications must be recorded in the customer's card. Thus, it is possible to immediately determine the goal of the next touch and build a negotiating strategy.
This approach increases the efficiency of negotiations and sales growth. And also allows you to continue the transaction by another manager (as a last resort).

Client's card

The entire history of the customer's touch (appeal, channel of attraction, sale, movement through the stages of the sales funnel) is fixed in a special form - the customer's card. There is an opportunity to choose the number and subject of the information field of the card.


Scripts of sale

Creation of sales scripts. The results of the negotiations will be displayed in the customer's card. Did the manager use the script, which stage of the script was negotiated with the client, how much time was spent for each stage of the negotiations, notes of the manager for each stage. This module allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of the sales script and the work of the manager for each transaction.

Sales funnel

Create a sales funnel with the required number of stages and track the actions of customers and the state of the transaction at each of the stages. Analysis of the loss of customers at each stage makes it possible to improve the conversion of each step in the funnel.

IP Telephony

You can integrate IP telephony and make calls within the platform. Add conversation scripts and use each of them depending on the purpose of the negotiations. All calls are recorded on the customer's card, you can listen to them to monitor the quality of sales. Fix the result of negotiations for each call, this will increase sales figures.


You can send sms to clients without leaving the platform. The sender will be the number that you integrate with the platform. All information about SMS communications will be displayed in the customer's cards. You can create sms templates, this will save time on working with typical tasks.


You can send letters to customers without leaving the platform. In this case, the sender's address will be one that you integrate with the platform. The entire history of correspondence will be stored in the customer's card. You can download letter templates to perform the same tasks. You save time working with clients, and also implement corporate standards in the company. The platform is also integrated with the mailing list service. You can create a series of letters and put on automatic sending.

Incoming requests

You can link the form of your site to the platform. Thus, all customer requests will automatically be saved in the system, and you will not lose a single client.

Control and analysis of
artificial intelligence


You do not have to collect data yourself and do reports. All this platform does automatically. All reports are received in a convenient and understandable format. Immediately we see strong and weak places in the work of managers, which allows you to immediately influence the situation and correct errors in sales.

Forecast of the success of the transaction

The platform by means of artificial intelligence itself analyzes the sales progress for each transaction. At each stage of the sales funnel, the platform shows the percentage of probability of successful closing of the deal in the current scenario of the sale on sale.

Automated reporting system

Starting to work with the platform, the manager receives a list of scheduled tasks for the current day. The platform itself collects data and compiles reports on the effectiveness of each sales manager. Each report contains a comparative table of performance indicators for the past and current periods. Reports are generated by days, weeks and months. All reports are automatically sent to you on the mail.

Determining the manager’s efficiency (employee’s KPIs)

You can transfer the function of controlling managers to artificial intelligence. The platform itself monitors and analyzes the work of employees. Shows the strengths and weaknesses of the manager. Shows the data on the basis of which conclusions were drawn. Thus, the manager will be able to analyze and quickly eliminate his mistakes in sales.

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