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While they do a good job as a software company, I also like Digis' ability to act as a part of the team.
Martin Steinbrecher | CFO at CRMtronic

Project Overview

Customers are important for any business success, this is an axiom for sure. But the customers must be managed properly to make some profit for your company. The better your customer relationship management tools are, the more chances to succeed you have. Just several years ago, all customer relations management was performed on paper. But the time lapses and technologies develop, so today you won’t be close to success if you don’t use specialized CRM software system. A lot of them are available in the market, but those can be missing some features the customers want or need.

One of such features is Artificial Intelligence, which is now conquering the world, and our client, CRMtronic, noticed that and decided to develop a CRM for sales management with embedded AI functionality and offer it to the market.

The client knew that creating a CRM software for sales management is not an easy task and should be done by professionals, so Digis was awarded the contract to build a CRM sales software that would efficiently improve performance of a business’s sales and marketing units.

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All-in-One Modular Solution

When building a CRM software for sales and marketing, there are a lot of tasks to be resolved. This is because the more complicated system, the more interactions between the components. You can make a sales CRM for small business but it will not be fit for large companies as there will be certain important features missing. Oppositely, you can create a CRM for sales team of a big corporation but small companies won’t need its huge functionality.

As you may guess, Digis had to decide whether to develop a sales CRM software for small business development or make a CRM software for sales departments of large enterprises. We went the radical way and combined all the functions and features under the single tent, implementing a modular architecture of the solution. This approach allowed our client to market his CRM system among businesses of all sizes: big companies get a product with all functions enabled, while small businesses receive only those features they need and are ready to pay for.

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Customer Management Module

Digis implemented a structured Customer Database that enables storing all customer-related data in one place and supports precise segmentation by specific categories of customers. The module houses automatic logging of all incoming requests and recording of all calls and sales associated with a certain customer.

We also embedded a fully functional reminder function to make it impossible to miss deadlines for scheduled tasks.

Moreover, Digis enhanced the Customer Management Module with easy-to-use tools for personalized work with customers. These tools include IP-telephony feature, SMS and Email protocols etc.).

All these capabilities are enhanced by the conventional features such as Client Cards, Notes, Tags, Filters, Sorting etc.

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Sales Management Module

When building a sales CRM software, a developer must know the whole sales chain operations. Digis has an extensive hands-on experience in Commerce, so we knew how the sales activities needs to be managed and what needs to be implemented to increase the sales amounts. We realized a tool that lets users to create fully custom sales funnel, i.e. the entire route from a time when the customer is only a lead and until the customer is a loyal buyer. This feature helps to see the customer’s development progress, check points of extreme attention etc. Perfectly optimized links between various modules provide sales managers with instantaneous access to all information about customers.

We also added support of sales script in order to ease the life of sales managers and release them from tons of manual work.

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AI-Enabled Analytics and Control Module

Building a CRM software for sales and marketing may not produce any benefit if there is no person to analyze the stats and make sales- or marketing-related forecasts. However, some businesses do not want to hire extra people to fill in such position. Or they just want to make the CRM software for sales cost as low as possible. Digis knows it from our past experience. That is why we implemented perfectly tuned AI algorithms enhanced by self-learning functionality, and now the CRM system is capable of making analysis of the most part of sales and marketing statistics and producing some reliable baseline forecasts on the sales performance. Moreover, thanks to the self-learning, the AI feature becomes more and more intelligent over time and will be ready to produce a human-like analytical reports and forecasts.

AI also contributes to making the Automated Reporting System more reliable: the system collects and sorts data, compiles reports, and distributes daily tasks to sales managers. At the end of the day, the system collects sales manager’s performance statistics and determines whether sales KPI are met or not.

Integration of third-party APIs allows to export statistics and reports to external applications for any future needs.

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DIGIS utilized a range of

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