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Project Overview

At a certain point, any business either expands or collapses. In order to expand - for sure, we don’t even consider the collapse option, right? - the business needs to research into new territory, potential competitors, customers, obstacles etc. It is especially applicable for telecommunication industry as expansion there is a must for survival. But conducting the mentioned research can be a real thorn in a finger due to the territory novelty, competition toughness etc. One can see there are multiple challenges.

Connected2Fiber was founded in order to remove such challenges and aid organizations to effectively sell, buy or use connectivity services based on their location. The company elaborated a new set of tools to substitute ancient gears telecom businesses had used to see if they can service certain locations.

Instead of tons of standalone paperwork, spreadsheets and other apps, a telecommunication company now may subscribe to the Connected World and obtain a location source of truth. It provides subscribers with the unmatched location insight in terms of location data, network data, and tenant data, making it possible for the telecom organization to see the location from various angles and elaborate the relevant expansion and development strategy.

The system and the solutions it hosts are built by the dedicated Connected2Fiber Project Team, 25% of which is the DIGIS’ contribution into this story of success - 6 software engineers injected into the Project Team on conditions of the Outsourcing Agreement between Connected2Fiber and DIGIS.

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Optimized Location Search

One of the most important features of the platform as its clients want to have search results in a speedy manner at their hands. Outstaffed DIGIS backend developers on the Project Team have implemented very straightforward algorithms that process search inquiries and feed search results to the needed slots. This helped enrich the search with multiple filtering tools to enable more precise formulation of the search subject and, respectively, faster system response.

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Advanced Price and Quote Configuration System

The Project Team has implemented a software component that helps configure and quote multi-tier products such as connectivity services. The client is now able to use preconfigured templates originally developed by DIGIS and brought into the project for cause, and combine them as needed to get the final quote. Embedded restraints help the client choose the right options at an eye blink and not waste time on exhaustive manual matching of the quote components.

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Polished and Responsive APIs to External Ends

  • Address Validation API
  • Authorization Handling API
  • Available Competition Display API
  • Tenants Register API
  • Corporations Register API

Build in line with the most strict requirements of GDPR and similar regulations, the Connected World’s APIs make it a piece of pie to handle routine operations such as authorization verification, address validation, competitor search and display, tenant profile review and display etc. DIGIS, via its Outstaffed Developers, enriched the system with algorithms capable of processing tons of data thus saving on time and labor resources.

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Geopositioning System Integration with Real-Time Mapping

The client can easily open the map of a needed territory and check the market situation in it, being able to see, add, delete or otherwise edit various data in a real-time mode. As a result, the map is not a simple graphic but a bundle of layers each of which is responsible for a certain piece of information: available telecommunication providers, tenants, infrastructure, throughput, price range, etc. The Connected World’s Team used some of the developments DIGIS had previously created for Tagmarshal’s golf course intelligence platform.

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Testing Automation

The client wanted to have some sort of a training mode, that is be able to playback certain scenarios of the connectivity service development. Having an extensive hands-on experience in creating various test cases for multiple domains, DIGIS QA professionals on the Project Team have created a pack of automated testing scenarios the client may randomly combine to perfect test runs of their development strategy.

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DIGIS utilized a range of

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