Top 7 design trends for websites in 2021

To impress customers or at least to make their product usable companies have to update their digital profiles regularly. Thinking about what to change or what to add? With our design team, we have singled out influential new trends in website design and explained why they are useful for business.

1- Accessible design

Creating a design that is easy to use for people with disabilities is not as intricate a task as you might think. And the result is economically beneficial for you: improved search engine results, extended target audience, and much more.

Here is several things to start with when implementing the new trend in website design: 

  • use other indicators of important information in addition to colors for colorblind people; 
  • use color contrast, 
  • describe in words non textual content for partially sighted people; 
  • make it possible to use the keyboard for website navigation for people with musculoskeletal disorders, visually impaired people who use screen readers, people with reduced motor control.

Check your website accessibility with the AXE Chrome Extension.

2- 3D illustrations

The current website design trend is not new but it is still gaining momentum. The process resembles taking pictures and then editing them, but in the case of 3D illustrations, you need only a computer.

The benefits of such redesign worth it:

  • you can make tangible even abstract services through providing context of real objects, which helps in building user trust; 
  • your website will absolutely stand out from the crowd for users;
  • 3D illustrations come to help when it is impossible or too pricey to make a real photo;
  • it saves your design team money and time.

Example of making real abstract concepts:

digis 3D illustrations for websites
Booking Service Website. Source: Tubik.
digis 3D illustrations for websites
Crypto Blog. Source: Tubik.

3- Useful data visualization

Catch users’ attention by visualizing documents, guides, blog posts that talk about numbers. The nicely designed scheme is easier to comprehend, which leads to a faster decision-making process of your customers. Also, when an individual fully understands information they most likely trust it. Moreover, by explaining difficult concepts from your industry through visualization, you trigger the reader to share the useful content.

Example: yes, it may be such simple, but enough to be useful.

digis data vizualization
Source: The Atlantic.

4- Glassmorphism

— latest trend in UI design based on the blurred background effect as though you are looking at objects through glass.

It improves user navigation through your website by showing the elements’ hierarchy. And the effect is simply elegant. However, be cautious in using glassmorphism — your website might turn inaccessible for people with disabilities because of weak contrast.

digis glassmorphism effect in mobile app
Source: Pinterest.

5- Esthetic minimalism

Hide and delete as many elements as possible till the design fulfills user needs and becomes aсcessible for people with disabilities. A very simple design is as bad as a loaded one. It is tricky to make user-friendly navigation while keeping minimum elements. Another complexity of minimalist design is that a website should be perfect in detail — every defect is noticeable. 

However with minimalism you get:

  • faster pages loading speed;
  • higher conversion rates — people will find what they want faster;
  • easy to update;
  • less issues with security since there are less elements;
  • your company looks more professional and experienced.

digis minimalist website design
Source: The Gallery.

6- Micro-animation

Good idea to use micro-animations:

  • to show progress — it motivates a user to stay on the page;
digis micro-animation shows progress
  • to attract attention at important elements;
digis micro-animation to attract attention
  • to reward a user with a small animation, when they, for instance, complete a form;
digis positive animation when complete a form
  • to add some flavor to your brand identity.
digis micro-animation for brand identity

7- Ideal icons

There are a plethora of free libraries with icons provided by world best designers. So  it is not difficult to follow the website design trend and to have icons which are:

  • of high-quality;
  • clear;
  • readable; 
  • with the same parameters;
  • from the same icon family;
  • brief and simple;
  • aligned to look balanced;
  • communicating something about your brand and conforming the tone of voice.

Example of free icon libraries: 
1. Phosphor Icons.
2. Eva Icons.
3. CSS.

If you need professional help with the audit and redesign of your website or app, contact us. My team and I can help you implement best practices and stable web design trends.

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