Nick Nagatkin of DIGIS Moderated W2 Conference Kyiv 2020

We’ve promised this before, and now we are doing this – publishing posts about our participation, as a company and as a family of true professionals, in public outreach activities. 

As you already know, these activities are aimed to educate the public on various aspects of the IT business, but not limited to this domain only. 

The first event in this row became the W2 Conference Kyiv 2020 held, due to today’s COVID-19 reality, online on December 9. The whole conference was dedicated to one of the most important factors of any business success, which is workplace wellness. The main goal was to discuss, get reliable insights into, and understand how business and organization managers can positively affect their employees’ wellness and maintain their productivity. 

Workplace wellness programs today are very important as many employees experience stress in relation with the COVID-19 restrictions and due to the need to stay at home. This stress causes work quality deterioration and, consequently, substantial decrease in business performance. This, in its turn, leads to unsatisfied clients and their further leaving, and to even reputational or business damages. These are issues which are addressed by right Workplace Wellness programs, and the conference was intended to analyze what these programs do and how they do what they do. 

Great speakers invited to the conference masterfully explained to the audience how to create high-performance specialist teams to implement the main goals of any company or business. Their speeches were full of tips on improving the managerial skills and organizing the team work without disregarding the interests of all team members. 

The participants were also taught on how to hire qualified employees and furnish them with comfortable workplace conditions. A great round-table talk was dedicated to employees retention via bonuses, incentives and other types of compensations. 

All the conference materials made it possible to understand what Generations Y and Z are driven by in their life, what makes them happy, how they see their tasks formulation. A deserved attention was also paid to the matter of internal communications and to their importance for the company-wide climate. 

Supported by such giants as Readdle, Genesis, Ukretelecom, Hillel and even by 24th TV channel, the W2 Conference Kyiv 2020 became a real success to all the participants.

And DIGIS is phenomenally proud that our Co-Founder and one of the best business strategists we have ever known, Nick Nagatkin was invited to moderate the Conference and share his deep knowledge of IT and Business Management with the public. 

It was a huge honor for us as it reflects that Nick’s efforts in the business domain aren’t left unnoticed but are valued and recognized. 

Sending our cordial congratulations to Nick on this occasion and to the W2 Conference Kyiv 2020 organizers for their great efforts in this type of fight agains the Coronavirus!

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