DIGIS Shows a Steady Ascent as We Conquer New Tops

Surviving the first years of operations is always a tricky task for a business that does not always have a happy ending. And continuing the operations and getting on the path of development and growth is even harder, and many seemingly successful companies can’t do that and die, because of multiple reasons. 

Luckily, if a business is smart enough to elaborate a consistent strategy, validate all their further steps before taking those, and use their best endeavors to keep on going forward, this business will sooner or later succeed, like it was with DIGIS. We not only managed to survive and find our way to the growth, we learnt how to help other startups achieve it. And now our mission is not simply to develop software solutions for our clients but to make our clients unicorns!

We are extremely proud of, and are cordially appreciative to all our clients, employees, partners, and even competitors for this, being named as one of the best software development firms across Europe and the rest of the world:

However, the most important thing for us is not to be on such lists but to show our clients their own way to success and how they can join the Unicorn Club, what some of them have already done. Success is what really matters, at the end, so we are very happy that such a reputable IT platform as Upwork raised our success rate to 99%. It is only 1 per cent behind the absolute maximum, and we hope that someday this peak will be conquered by us. 

It is a pure joy for DIGIS, that our efforts, our focus on success, our loyalty are not left unmentioned. And we want to share this recognition with you, friends, as it wouldn’t be possible without your contribution!

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