DIGIS is Rebranding to Streamline Corporate Vision and Philosophy

Unicorn is:

“(a) a legendary horse-like creature with a long horn that has been serving as a symbol of purity and grace since antiquity.. 

(b) in the business meaning, a private startup company valued at over $1 billion.”


With many years of IT experience behind the back, DIGIS believes it the right time now to unveil our new logo and mission as the last part of our rebranding initiative.

The rebranding initiative coincided with recent changes to the company’s vision of our operations and reflected our updated mission and commitment before our clients. 

Founded more than a decade ago, DIGIS used to be a reliable outsourcing partner for over a hundred clients across the world, building top-notch highly customized software products for them. We wanted to help everyone, and we did actually help every business that reached out to us. 

Our intense efforts, attention to details, willingness to work beyond the limits for the client’s success paid back: we grew from just 5 developers on our staff up to more than 100 professionals seated in our 3 offices internationally, as DIGIS became known on the market and software engineers wanted to work with us. This increase, in its turn, resulted in an increased number of successfully completed projects that now exceeds 250. More happy clients meant more positive feedback and that’s where we have earned our 100% Job Success Rate on Upwork becoming one of the Top Rated Plus agencies. 

But we once have come to understanding that true professionals never disperse their attention and efforts to embrace everything and everyone. They focus on what they are the best at, polishing their skills, abilities, and knowledge and bringing those to extreme heights. Catching this point, we performed a research to find out where our force application point is, and realized that it is the Startups niche. We do not produce software for startups. We help startups become unicorns

Since that point, we clearly realized our mission and philosophy, and decided to adjust our logo and mission statement accordingly to reflect our purpose and our approach.

The New Logo

The New Mission

We Raise Unicorns from Startups!

At the same time, we would like to state that that old good DIGIS you all had a chance to know is not going anywhere: you will still find 100% loyalty, respect, and responsibility with us. We are still ready to run the whole distance and a lot more for you to make your project a success. With that difference only that now we will do our best to convert your idea into a $1 billion worth business.

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