DIGIS Books a New Top-10 Spot

Quarantines seem to have no effect on our company thanks to a perfectly organized remote operation flow. This assumption is confirmed by our inclusion into a new Top-10 list, this time in the United Kingdom.

Supersourcing.com, a next-gen platform built to help agencies find the best agencies in tech to work with, has compiled the list of the most demand in UK companies working in the area of Web Development. The list contains ten company names and we are absolutely proud that DIGIS has been put to Place No.7.

It’s an absolute beauty to be recognized by market influences, and it is especially pleasant to be among UK’s ten best web development companies – we love Web Development and we think the future belongs to the Web, to the Connected World, and isolated desktop or mobile apps will sometimes pass away. Year 2020, with all of its restrictions and problems, has shown that we, people, are social creatures and need to communicate with the surrouning world if not in person then at least through webcameras.
DIGIS accepts this honored responsibility and remains committed to making the world better with our software solutions and to bringing more responsible and improvement-oriented companies into our world via our Startup Support Efforts. Our world needs some magic, and we will bring it in as We Raise Unicorns from Startups!

Thank you everyone for the recognition, especially our valuable developers whose efforts have made it possible! Special thanks go to our competitors as you are constantly making DIGIS better! Huge thanks are sent to our clients for their trust and loyalty!

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