Clutch Places DIGIS among the Global Top 1000 B2B IT Service Providers

Customer loyalty, as well as competitor and rating platform recognition, is worth much for the entire DIGIS team. It proves to us that we are on the right path and do what we are to do in an appropriate fashion. 

The expiring year built tons of barriers and obstacles for virtually all businesses of the world, and the IT industry is of no exception. The COVID-19 pandemic, the main and the most hefty affector, showed our weaknesses but it also served as a good motivator for us to become flexible and adaptable.

We, and DIGIS stands in this line as well, abandoned our offices and switched to remote operations, firstly scared of what it would result in but then understanding that quality, customer satisfaction, and success have no permanent seat and depend only from our attitude and efforts. And we made those efforts, a lot of them, every day, to keep to our schedules, to fulfil our obligations, and to open new opportunities for our clients.

The 2020 hardships seem to have erased certain boundaries between our industry participants and forced us to be supportive to each other. That’s why DIGIS would like to thank all our competitors for their efforts as well – you are making us better and we do the same with you!

This entire introduction is aimed to show how touched we are at DIGIS with our inclusion by Clutch into their annual Global Top 1000 List of b2b IT Service Providers. It’s such an honor to be among that 1% of businesses that we cannot even put it down to words. It means a lot for us as it eliminates many of our fears and motivates us to follow our way further, in order to comply with our main mission – Raise Unicorns from Startups.

We all witnessed how small startups, consisting of a couple of employees only and just incorporated, were bringing our healthcare to new levels and saving thousands of human lives. And DIGIS will do our best to bring more such startups to life and show them the path to success!

Thank you Clutch for this recognition, thank you partners and clients for your loyalty and trust, thank you competitors for improving us, and thank you DIGIS people for your efforts and professionalism!

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