Automated Job Ad Platforms

Automated Job Ad Platforms as a Part of the Global Marketing Automation Approach and How It Can Help Improve the Hiring Process

Marketing automation currently seems to be a critical tool to improve sales. It helps businesses to generate and nurture leads and convert them into loyal customers. There are multiple vectors and areas of application of the marketing automation, such as email marketing when a software tool sends targeted emails to relevant leads or customers at a needed time, chatbots when a AI-enabled algorithm responds to leads’ or customers’ questions and inquiries, advertisement platforms when a system executes the entire advertisement campaign with no human assistance…

This post is intended to tell what ‘automated job advertisement’ is, how it belongs to marketing automation in general, and how it can help businesses.

Automated Job Advertisement/Posting

Many businesses, sooner or later, face a challenge of finding proper candidates to fill in the open positions. It may happen due to the company growth, entry to new markets, or for any other reasons. The traditional way to find candidates is to contract a recruiting agency. The agency will then do the rest: it will sieve the bulk of candidates, perform their initial screening and interviewing to select the suitable ones, and finally provide you with the short-listed personas. Another option is to assign this task to your inhouse HR people who will do the same. Both options are viable and provide good results. However, they both are very ineffective in terms of cost and labor.  And here comes automated job advertisement.

There are a lot of software tools at the market which can cut costs you spend to pay the recruiting agency’s services or your HR people salaries. as an Example of Job Advertisement Automation

The Kandio case study will help us to visualize how exactly automated job advertisement software works. Kandio is an automated job advertisement platform for social media. Our client wanted to get a simple but reliable channel for finding the right candidates.

Social networks were picked up as a source of potential candidates as they have now over 3 billion of active users a part of which would like to change the job. An in-depth research was performed to reveal that 8 of 10 potential candidates are passive, i.e. they are not actively looking for the job. Traditional job boards and marketing channels are not able to address such candidates, so there was a need to go beyond and find candidates on media they actually use, such as Facebook, Instagram and Google.

The subscription-based model was selected for the solution as it allows clients to cut software procurement costs and ensures their loyalty to the service provider, while ensuring perfect technical support and issues management.To optimize the service performance, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning features were integrated. It allowed the system to self-learn and self-improve as a number of job advertisement campaign grows. It also ensured better targeting of the campaigns and, respectively, skip partially suitable people, focusing on the best candidates only.

AI functionality was also responsible for the improved understanding of the campaign budget, audience and timing, thanks to suggestions issued to the user by the system. At the same time, Machine Learning helped to make proper use of the historic data from previous campaigns and adjust targeting of new campaigns accordingly. The integration with marketing and advertising APIs, such as Facebook Marketing and Google AdWords, was added to provide for the collection of campaign performance statistics, generation of campaign-, candidate-, job-, industry-, and location-specific reports.

According to the client’s feedback, the service delivered the following results just 3 months after its commercial launch:

There are multiple other platforms to automate job advertisement/posting campaigns, to include such as Recruitee, Recruitics, FlexJobs etc., which work in a similar manner, offering various strategies and tactics for successful hiring campaigns.

  1. 70% saving in time thanks to automation of the job posting campaigns
  2. 65% saving in labor cost as one PPC manager now substitutes dedicated HR person, SME specialist etc.
  3. +200% increase in the audience coverage because of the huge audience of social networks
  4. Minus 1 intermediate link – recruiting agency – resulting in a significant cost and time reduction, at least 50%.
  5. Consistent and uniform reports thanks to the automated report generation module.

Place of Automated Job Advertisement in the General Marketing Automation

Despite of all benefits offered by job advertising automation, it is only one of many components of the global marketing automation methodology. It is an initial step on the way to converting your job offerings into candidates and then into professional employees. We see the entire path as broken down into several sections.

Building a sort of the Product Details page for your jobs

This step is needed to create a space where all your company’s jobs sit at once. A good tip is to ensure language and terminology consistency across all of your job offerings.

Creating and launching a relevant job advertisement campaign using the suitable job advertisement automation tool

Perform a detailed analysis of job advertisement automation solutions and choose the one possessing exactly what you need. Do not spend funds on features or functions you doubt to need.

Creating an Online Questionnaire or Form to be filled in by your candidates

It is a next step to become confident that candidates attracted by the automated job advertising are the right fit for your vacancies. Implement a channel to lead them from Job Product Page to this Online Questionnaire and implement the notification functionality to get notified when someone completes this form and to start reviewing their profiles.

Creating and launching a follow-up campaign to further verify and validate your candidates

Use any of email marketing tools to set up a chain of follow-up emails to be dispatched to the candidates who have completed the Online Questionnaire. Make sure these emails are personalized and contains details specified by the candidates in the form.


All the above steps result in:

  1. Time & Cost Saving

A lot of intermediate steps is removed from the chain, passing the burden to the software which automates job advertisement campaigns, initial screening, and follow-up of qualified candidates.

2. Lead Quality Increase

Thanks to a way wider audience outreach, better preliminary qualification of the candidates, tailored and personalized follow-up actions, the quality of the candidates increases significantly. Now it’s time to get stellar people for stellar positions. In case you want to get more specific details on purely technical aspects of job advertisement automation, please get in touch with us and we would be happy to showcase them to you.

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