100% Job Success Rate on Upwork? Done. By DIGIS.

Building a reputation of a reliable contractor or business partner is not a piece of pie. It requires a lot of efforts from a company, its Management, and its employees. It is especially important for them to be on the same page in terms of seeing and understanding the goals and knowing how to achieve those goals. If the company’s leadership and employees think differently, the company will most likely not succeed. 

Actually, success of a company, especially in the IT domain, directly depends upon success and satisfaction of its clients. If the company makes its clients happy with the process and budget of the product development and the quality of the product, and if the product drives success of the client(s), then the mission is complete! 

Happy and satisfied clients is the key indicator of a business, and today, it is very easy to see whether any business’ clients are happy with the quality of provided services or products. In the IT and Software Development sectors, one of the most reputable and reliable places where anyone can see how well or bad a company delivers is Upwork.  

DIGIS has been presented on this awesome platform virtually since our incorporation, and, year by year, we were doing our best to leave all clients we got via Upwork satisfied with our results. Our deep efforts and our ultimate loyalty wasn’t left without our clients’ and Upwork’s recognition, so DIGIS was regularly named one of the Top IT companies in Ukraine and in other countries of the world. 

However, we always understood that 95% or 99% of success leaves too much space for a failure, and dug even deeper to eliminate this remaining percentage. And our endeavors have recently paid back in full: DIGIS has got the most valuable and the highest rank available on Upwork – TOP RATED PLUS – which is granted only to those vendors who demonstrate 100% Job Success Rate. And DIGIS does it!  

Our figures are:

100,000 paid working hours (12,000 calendar days or 34 years!!!)

250 performed contracts

We would like to thank everyone attributed to this achievement: our management for the best possible strategies and tactics of business operations, our employees for their huge efforts, sleepless nights and extreme tolerance and patience, and, of course, our clients for their trust and loyalty!

DIGIS hereby promises to never lower the achieved level and to do our best to never let our friends down!

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