What to learn from gen Z startups

Generation Z has already become the largest generation —  2.47 billion people from the 7.7 billion on Earth — or 32 percent of the global population. At the same time, they are considered to be the most entrepreneurial generation. According to different surveys from the last 3 years about a half of the generation is planning to work for themselves or already running their own business. They are our future, so by observing their success we can learn a lot for our own businesses. 

As a software development company, who has broad experience working with startups we prepared a set of lessons from Gen Z founders.

Choose a young and experienced team as your Technical cofounder All our company’s leaders are below 30 and some of them even below 25

They are incredibly flexible 

 This generation is extremely tech-savvy,  so Gen Zers have already built their habits around working from anywhere, on any device. This state of mind empowers them to quickly adapt to new circumstances. Gen Zers are not as tied to stability as their older counterparts and they have the willingness to make sacrifices in order to pursue a dream. 

Value diversity and inclusion

Starting from the fact that nearly half of them belong to racial or ethnic minorities and ending with the fact that they are in comfort with using gender-neutral pronouns — 59% Gen Zers say forms or online profiles should include additional gender options. 

Generation Z take diversity for granted. In relation to their views, we shouldn’t undermine the fact that post-millennials were born in a period when same-sex marriage has become possible and a black president is the norm.

Gen Z-entrepreneurs build diverse teams with different talents in order to maximize creativity and offer an environment where everyone is equal and respected. Having a mix of skills on board makes it easier for them to do their best work

Easily learn and adopt new things

Generation Z has a keen sense of the latest app technology. They’re more open to change and they want everything faster.  This generation proves that being the first to test and try new digital tools is a huge advantage over your competitors. 

The younger generation will often be willing to spend their time finding fresh ways that are better for them in order to learn something new instead of struggling with what is given at hand.

Work smarter, not harder

Gen Z companies easily turn to automation software for their work processes, employing new AI-solutions. This helps not only in making the work process more effective but also reduces the time spent on it. In addition, this means that Gen Z startups need fewer employees and can still deliver great results. Senior leaders could and should realize that just because it’s the way we’ve always done it doesn’t mean it’s the best way to do it.

Appreciate feedback

They need it themselves, they know how it is important and give it to people they work with. Together with their adherence to face-to-face communication, it contributes to greater relationships and more effective work in their teams. 

At the same time, they are generally independent workers. But when collaboration is needed, they seek high-quality, authentic, and personal conversations in the workplace. We can learn from them about how to optimize this balance between independent and collaborative work.

Gen Z companies to watch

To learn more from the new generation of entrepreneurs, just take a look at their businesses and you will be aware of the hottest trends.

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